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  • Why not work the way you live?

    November 5, 2014

    By Veselina Genadieva

    Our team_TELUS International Central AmericaIt is a fact that Millennials (or Generation Y) work the frontlines of companies around the world, and make up the majority of the workforce in customer-service organizations. Yet many employers are unsure how to keep these workers engaged and productive, and struggle with staff attrition.

    Our experience as a call-center company staffed largely by young people (almost 80% of our global workforce is Gen Y) proves that engaging Gen Y call center agents requires adapting to how they live, and not asking them to adapt to how the company has traditionally operated. We’ve had to tailor our hiring, training and communication practices to attract and keep these workers for long.

    Communicating effectively with Millennial workers

    Now that we know Millennials’ working style we had to create an open line of communication. To make corporate messages stick, and to ensure agent engagement, TELUS International built an internal social network called T.Life that is becoming the backbone for corporate communications and many important agent activities.

    T.Life is our social networking site and a key tool in our day-to-day workflow. Users can socialize and access important information and tools. It includes features that truly empower our agents, while building a sense of global community. It’s a combination of a corporate intranet and a social network that allows TELUS International team members to be part of an online community.

    Shift communication to internal social network

    The idea of building an internal social network came from agent focus groups. When the management team reached out to find new and better ways to communicate, team members suggested social media. Since its launch in 2012 in our Central America operations, (and as it continues to roll out across the company), T.Life is becoming the go-to source for company information. Not only is it the place to “work socially,” but T.Life allows agents to see open positions, make referrals, monitor their performance, chat with management and supervisors, take surveys, provide feedback, access training materials, post comments and pictures, arrange car pools, play online games, rank themselves against their peers and even order coffee to their desk! Check out the video below!

    On T.Life, news is posted on a daily basis to keep everyone informed about company activities. Management obtains feedback from team members through polls, surveys, Shoutbox chat rooms and a virtual suggestions box. In the system, agents can do 90% of what they can do in other social networks like Facebook and Google Plus, but it’s all geared toward making life better for them, their teams, and for our customers.

    What it all means

    With such a young workforce, we’ve found that focusing on the unique attributes of our Gen Y team members – and consciously treating them differently than their predecessors – pays off in helping them deliver great customer service. With T.Life we proved that communicating in a way that connects with your Millennial talent can lead to increased engagement, lower attrition, increased business performance and boosted workplace culture and morale.

    TELUS International has one of the lowest attrition rates in the customer service BPO business – 50% below the industry average in some cases. We believe T.Life is a differentiator which reinforces employee engagement and satisfaction with TELUS International. It’s a benefit and a motivational factor, especially for team members on the front line.

    Embracing the style of this new generation will go a long way to connecting and communicating with these natural customer service leaders. And with less time spent struggling to get through to them, comes more time spent perfecting the customer experience.

    vessy Veselina Genadieva is HR Strategic Initiatives Manager at TELUS International Europe

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At the “Happiness & Wellbeing Awards” in Romania, TELUS International was recognized for promoting wellbeing in an outside of the workplace.

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