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  • Unleashing Gen Y Potential in Customer Service

    Customer support is critical to customer loyalty and financial performance. Yet, many companies have neglected to update their business processes in order to unleash Gen Y potential in customer service. The new frontline workforce – Generation Y, also called “Millennials” is naturally capable of providing high-quality customer service, but companies need to take into consideration millennial’s character traits, personal beliefs, life expectations and career aspirations.

    Through research, open communication and trial-and-error, TELUS International has learned that Gen Y is driven by a different set of values. They realized that they needed to adapt their business processes to Gen Y, not expect Gen Y to adapt to existing ways. While a continual work in progress, transforming several key areas of their business has led to higher employee satisfaction, better customer service and happier, satisfied clients.

    Focusing on the unique attributes of our Gen Y team members – and consciously treating them differently than their predecessors – pays off in helping them deliver great customer service.

    Download our free whitepaper and learn the 5 key insights on how to unleash the potential of Gen Y in customer service:

    – Communicate in ways that Gen Y will listen

    – Give Gen Y more flexibility and control

    – Transform recruitment, interviews, training and quality management processes

Did you know?

In addition to our Six Sigma focus, our commitment to best practices includes ITIL V3 compliance and ISO 20000:2011 certification.

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