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  • What’s behind customer satisfaction?

    October 5, 2015

    By Victor Claire

    1At TELUS International we love sharing industry insights, experience and innovation. That is why we are always up for participating in industry fairs and conferences. That is why we organize Executive Breakfasts across Europe, to share insights and innovations on hot topics in the customer care industry. You can read more about our Executive Breakfast series here.

    Last month, our Business Development Director for France, Philippe Lecerf, took part in the Paris E-commerce Fair held on September 21 – 23. In partnership with Zendesk we organized a conference on September 22nd on one of the hottest topics in the industry right now – customer satisfaction. In a full house, more than 200 people among whom were key decision makers in the area of Ecommerce, together with Zendesk and MyLittleParis we talked on the topic: “Customer service: adopt the Wow Effect or stick to the fundamentals?”

    Hélène Draoulec, Southern Europe and Africa Marketing Manager of Zendesk introduced the conference and talked about “The Wow Effect, not at any price!” Philippe Lecerf presented the surprising results of a study on Customer Satisfaction that our team conducted in the past few months, and Delphine Boursaud, Project Manager CRM ended the conference presenting the Wow Effect practices in her company, MyLittleParis.

    Today, many companies experience difficulties in addressing customer satisfaction issues. Social media has transformed the way customers interact with brands forever. Communicating with a brand comes along with sharing with friends and family out experience with the brand, product or service provided. In a context of intense competition in mature markets it is becoming impossible to ignore those trends in the competition for market share.

    Hélène Draoulec advocated that customer effort in contacting a brand is the most decisive part of the customer experience and it determines the overall satisfaction. As Hélène puts it, the Wow Effect may be useful, but costly. Delphine Boursaud presented the Wow practices of MyLittleParis. Practices that worked out well with her company and brought positive effect on brand perception were surprising customers with gifts or wishing them “Happy Birthday”. Our Sales Director, Philippe Lecerf, on his part explained the challenges that companies experience with customer satisfaction and different approaches possible to solve them along with useful examples for implementation.

    Customer satisfaction is one of the topics dearest to our heart here at TELUS International Europe as we have the pleasure to provide customer service to some of the biggest and most respected brands globally. With so many indicators on customer satisfaction like CSAT Score, Net Promoter Score, Wow Effect, Customer Delight, Customer Effort Score we are asking the question which indicator is the right indicator for a brand, which one is most relevant and effective for measuring customer experience.

    Our company has been developing an expertise on customer satisfaction. One of the great results that we achieved was helping one of our clients in becoming worldwide leader in NPS score in his industry. This achievement gave us an extended knowledge on customer satisfaction best practices and successful Voice of Customer Programs.

    So, stay tuned for new insights on customer satisfaction that we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

    CLAIRE Victor

    Victor Claire is a Marketing Specialist at TELUS International Europe






    Delphine Boursaud, Hélène Draoulec and Philippe Lecerf at the conference

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