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  • What is it really like to work at TELUS International? Part 2

    September 21, 2016

    TIG_Pradera_TeamMembersComputer01We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our family. One of our favorite sayings is “It’s different here” and we would like to show you how through a series of blog post presenting the top 10 reasons to work at TELUS International. You can check Part 1 presenting the first 5 reasons here.

    6. Work when it’s best for you

    Flexibility at work is a necessity for our team members because some are students while others have families. We know time is precious for everyone.

    That is why when you join us we adapt to your lifestyle. With our flexible working hours you can work day or night, four, six or eight hour shifts. Team members working at night can still take advantage of our fun and social environment with perks such as play areas, esthetic relax areas, a library, and much more. We also ensure transportation to your doorstep when your shift is over. We want to make sure everyone gets back home safely!

    7. Enjoy an inspiring workplace

    Our offices have become known for their innovative, fun and pleasant design. They have a positive impact on team members’ satisfaction and happiness at work.

    Simply put, we aim to make our offices the place that our team members want to be! Convenience is also something very important to us. Our offices are located right next to the biggest malls in Sofia, so you can easily access fast food, cinemas, shops and more. Also, our offices are easily accessible by public transportation so you won’t spend your precious time stuck in traffic!

    8. Join a friendly team

    At TELUS International, our team members have a sense of belonging because they feel like they really “fit” and are accepted. This sense of connectedness and belonging drives our company and team forward because we all have something in common – we are part of the same family.

    At TELUS, you will be working with some of the brightest minds in the BPO industry. But that’s not all. Fellow team members will make you feel comfortable at work and add to the friendly atmosphere. You will find smart, cool, friendly, open-minded and supportive people that are passionate about our company.

    Our team members are our most valuable asset – they are our heroes! That is why we give recognition to our team members on a regular basis.

    9. Work for a company guided by values

    TELUS is committed to creating a culture that supports professional and personal values. Our values were crafted by our team members for our team members.
    At TELUS, our values are not just for marketing. On the contrary, we live our values every single day because they are who we are:


    10. Help leave the world better than you found it

    Want to join an organization that has strong Corporate Social Responsibility programs? At TELUS International, we understand the relationship between the success of our company and the wellbeing of our community. “We give where we live” – these five simple words embody our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

    We are passionate about doing ‘good’ in our local communities and coming together to make a difference. That’s why every year we lend a hand and volunteer during our TELUS Days of Giving. This is where team members volunteer an entire day to bettering the communities in which they live, work and serve. Thousands of our team members spend the day building homes, refurbishing day cares, or constructing entire schools from the ground up.

    In 2014, more than 23,000 TELUS team members, friends and families participated in our Days of Giving around the world. Along with our parent company, we have donated over $396 million to charities and contributed over 6 million service hours through our Community Boards and volunteering programs around the world.

    At TELUS, caring about others and having others care about you creates a higher sense of purpose beyond business growth. Our team members have big hearts!
    Now you know why TELUS International is such a phenomenal place to work. Still wondering which direction to take? Check out the open positions here!

Did you know?

In addition to our Six Sigma focus, our commitment to best practices includes ITIL V3 compliance and ISO 20000:2011 certification.

Working at TELUS

If you’re looking for a great career and a place to shine, join the TELUS International family. We’re a different kind of BPO and it shows. See for yourself.

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"The company recognizes team members as one of its main assets and as the face of the business. Our team members are motivated to improve their skills through different training programs because only well trained and highly motivated team members can make the customers happy."

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