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  • Top 4 tips for turning your bad customer service into great customer service

    June 4, 2015

    By Abhishek Jain

    1Note: This is a guest post from Abhishek Jain.The first guest post we have received at TELUS International Europe and hope to have many more! So, if you want to share insights on customer service, BPO or anything interesting to our audience do not hesitate to reach us at

    We all have bad days in the business, and when we do, we default to comfort food or other things that help improve our mood. Yet a better way of dealing with things is to turn around a bad or disappointed customer into ecstatic one. Many of us think it’s impossible to win back a customer who has been disappointed by customer service, but the truth is, this is the best time to show them your best customer service. Before your unhappy customer can walk out the door and say something negative about you or your organization, there are ways you could change this experience into a positive one.

    1. Encourage a dialogue that allows your customers to air out their concern and frustrations

    Experiencing poor customer service could irritate even the most patient customers. Try and respond promptly and appropriately when you are dealing with a person who has had a bad experience. Try to empathize with their feelings and offer a solution once you understand your customer’s concerns. When you are able to listen and sincerely apologize for how things have turned out, your customers will be open to hear out the recommendations for solving the issues at hand.

    2. Offering more than a consolation and providing a fair compensation

    A consolation is when you provide a momentary solution and don’t entirely resolve a problem. The best thing to do is reassure your customers and compensate them for the unsatisfactory experience they have had. This effort also shows that you value your customers and that you are willing to spend this much to keep them. When your customers feel their worth, rest assured, they will continue doing their business with you.

    3. Monitoring the issues and allowing your best employees to handle the case

    When resolving your customer’s issues and problems, having a follow up done is paramount, as this ensures that no problems will rise up again. When a problem has caused too much inconvenience for your clients, ensure them that the best person will handle the issue. Remember, customers appreciate it when you take their issues and concerns as a high priority and in return they are more likely to give you a feedback on how effective the company at dealing with problems.

    4. Considering them as your VIP

    No matter what business you deal with, remember that each customer should be treated like a VIP. This attitude allows you to deliver the best customer service available. You should take note of customers who have had poor service. If you can avoid giving them bad service, you can avoid them giving you poor reviews and making your work day more complicated.

    Customers love to be treated as the cream of the crop. When you treat them with respect and as though they are special, you can make them forget any negative experiences they may have had with the organization in the past.

    Of course, we are human. It is common for each and every one of us to commit mistakes, especially if you see your customers on regular basis. By showing your customers how important they are to you and your business, you will not only give them a peace of mind but also inspire confidence in the fact that they have chosen the best person to do business with. Overall, this will aid your company’s reputation in turning bad customer service into some of the best.

    About the Author

    Abhishek Jain is a Specialist in Customer Success at Strategic Services. He has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Contact Centre Services India, and has been contributing blog posts related to the contact centre and the outsourcing industry on frequent basis.

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