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  • The contact center of the future starts today!

    August 13, 2014

    By Grégoire VIGROUX

    customer serviceCall centers appeared about 50 years ago in response to the constantly changing needs of the consumer. They adapted to new information technologies and the emergence of new communication channels: email, chat and social media. As a result, the term “call centers” has been replaced by “contact centers”.

    On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of TELUS International Europe, one of the European leaders in the field of multilingual contact centers, we reflected on the future of our industry, identifying the latest industry trends that point to its imminent transformation.

    Welcome to the contact center of the future, a multilingual and global player in which Generation Y will be the main driving force. Contractors’ search for a low-cost service and immediate gain will gradually fade, giving way to a more strategic model of outsourcing. Based on the developments that we are gradually seeing taking place, the contact center of the future will no longer be a “sub-contractor”, much less a “mere executant”: it will be a true strategic partner and an authentic brand ambassador.

    In the contact center of the future, the strength and consistency of the corporate culture will prevail as a competitive advantage that will systematically take precedence over quantifiable productivity indicators, including service levels – still dear to our industry – which will become obsolete symbols.

    Today, our business is seldom called “contact center”. It is increasingly referred to as “customer relationship management” expertise or even “BPO” (Business Process Outsourcing), to embrace the fundamentally positive transformation of our industry.

    You can download the full whitepaper by clicking on the banner below! Enjoy the read!




    Gregoire Vigroux is Marketing Director for TELUS International Europe

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