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  • How TELUS International engages and motivates employees through volunteering programs

    February 11, 2015

    By Desislava Rangelova


    TELUS International prides itself on having a unique corporate culture based on spirited teamwork, agile thinking and a caring culture that puts customers first. Activities like the TELUS Day of Giving connect us to each other, our communities, and really drive our culture forward.The TELUS Day of Giving  is a global campaign which gives TELUS and TELUS International employees the opportunity to give back to the communities in which they live, work and serve by volunteering their time in support of community projects.

    At TELUS International, we believe our team members crave the chance to give back to their communities, and our experiences at each of our Days of Giving prove that to be true. When we help our team to give back to their communities and build their personal and professional sense of pride, they reward us with their ongoing commitment and loyalty. That commitment and loyalty helps enable the customer experience innovation we are so proud to deliver on behalf of our clients.

    The Generation Y factor

    Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) makes up over 80% of customer service organizations, therefore we tried to develop a corporate culture that embraces Millennials and resonates with their specific characteristics and needs. Crucial differentiator of Generation Y as employees compared to other generations is that for them a job is not just about earning a paycheck. It’s about capturing their hearts and minds via a culture that mirrors their personal values, wants and beliefs.

    Volunteering develops team members

    The TELUS Day of Giving provides an opportunity for team members – in every role across the organization – to do challenging work, together. The day is about how our passionate team can positively impact the lives of those less fortunate, and that impact is the true measure of success. Each year in every site we donate one of our weekend days to support our local communities for building and refurbishing schools, orphanages, etc.

    Here’s what our vice-president of human resources at TELUS International, Marilyn Tyfting, shares about one of the TELUS Day of Giving in Europe: “I had the incredible opportunity to stand side by side with our team in Romania after a long hard day of work to watch the children return to see their new and improved home, and for the first time, see the changes we had made. I stood beside a team member who was crying, and when I asked if they were tears of sadness or joy, her response was “tears of pride, I am so proud of what I did today, and I didn’t know it would feel like this.” That moment truly brought to life for me why Corporate Social Responsibility is so important. It is not about accolades for our organization, it is about giving each team member an opportunity to feel pride in him or herself by giving back. It also gives them the chance to feel proud to be a part of the TELUS International team.”

    Volunteering benefits our company

    The TELUS Day of Giving and our other many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs also provide an invaluable chance for team members to develop skills outside of their current role at TELUS International. Team members volunteer to be on the organizing committee, giving them the opportunity to lead a team, develop a project plan, manage a budget, work with outside stakeholders, assist with PR, take on marketing tasks – a whole host of exciting chances to try different areas and excel, without long-term commitment.

    The Day provides an opportunity for team members – in every role across the organization – to do challenging work, together. The President of TELUS International ends up hammering nails alongside a contact center agent, and that, in my view, is how you help develop mutual respect across roles.

    What’s the meaning of TELUS Day of Giving to our team members?

    Couple of months ago, we did a bunch of interviews with team members from various departments in our company to find out what’s the meaning of TELUS Day of Giving to them. The majority of the answers we got were united around describing TELUS Day of Giving as the most noble cause they have ever participated in and the fulfillment they got after that day as incomparable to anything else. One of our team members shared: “It was simply a unique feeling knowing that you have been part of something bigger than yourself and have actually contributed to a good cause.”

    Here’s how they describe the meaning of TELUS Day of Giving: “My participation in the TELUS Day of Giving gave new meaning to the words such as: noble cause, teamwork, team spirit and collaboration. I realized that by helping the children from the Loius Braille School, we had the chance to understand what true happiness is.” and “After taking part in the TELUS Day of Giving last year, I realized that helping people this way gives much greater personal involvement than donating money. The difference is that one can see the results of his efforts instantly.”

    Last year, more than 20,000 TELUS team members around the world donated their time and energy to worthy causes in their local communities on the TELUS Day of Giving, bringing to life the TELUS philosophy – “we give where we live.”


    Desislava Rangelova, Brand and CSR Manager, TELUS International Europe




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At the “Happiness & Wellbeing Awards” in Romania, TELUS International was recognized for promoting wellbeing in an outside of the workplace.

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