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  • TELUS International proudly shares its Eastern European investment story

    October 22, 2014

    By Jeffrey Puritt

    ABSL_lrgExpanding our business to new countries is one of the highlights of my work with TELUS International. As a global BPO, TELUS International has over 16,000 team members throughout North America, Central America, Asia and Europe.

    In addition to investing in our global teams, we’re also committed to investing in the business partnerships these countries have to offer. So when asked to present at this year’s annual Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) conference in Romania on September 30, I welcomed the opportunity to travel from my office in Toronto to Bucharest to take part. Our topic: Why Romania? How and why a global company decided to invest in Romania.

    Upon arrival, I was immediately in good company with other esteemed speakers ranging from large organizations like ACCA and KPMG, to several business leaders such as HP and Microsoft, to many local government officials. The conference theme – “One Voice” – was fitting as we all came together to discuss the long term development strategy of Romania and the implications for the business services industry.

    Growth in Romania:

    As an outsider (Canadian) looking in to an event essentially focused on how Romania does business, I was proud to share the TELUS International story around why a global brand like TELUS decided to invest in Eastern Europe back in 2012. TELUS International brings a significant track record of success when we expand abroad. Just this year in Romania, our TELUS International European team grew both revenues by over 250% and our team member employee base by over 108%.

    Investing abroad – 4 focus areas:

    But this success comes from careful upfront analysis. From our experience, companies should review their investment and expansion decisions through the following 4 lenses:

    1. Identify the strategic rational

    2. Scrutinize the commercial efficacy, applying rigor and structure to various options

    3. Analyze the economic data in detail

    4. Plan for the post-merger integration, not after the deal is done, but before it even starts

    Through these lenses, we have found Romania to be an exciting place to do business with the right atmosphere for us to be successful. Romania’s skilled, multilingual, educated workforce with 311,000 university graduates per year (the highest from any Eastern European country) was a key motivator for selecting the country (see related blog post,Romania becoming European hub for multilingual contact center services).

    But equally important is that the Romanian business and government leaders continue to focus on the right things – including educating the talent pool, building and enhancing the infrastructure (schools, roads, airports, etc.), providing a robust and predictable business and tax regime, and ensuring continuity and stability in the regulatory and judicial system. All of this will serve to attract more global brands, like TELUS, as well as foreign investment to the country.

    About ABSL

    TELUS International Europe officially joined the ABSL in May 2014, solidifying a longstanding relationship with the organization dedicated to representing the business services sector in the areas of Shared Services Center (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), and Research and Development (R&D).

    For further insights, download my full presentation here: Why Romania? How and why a global company decided to invest in Romania.





      Jeffrey Puritt is President of TELUS International.

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