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  • TELUS Days of Giving in Europe in 2015 – 4 Days of Giving, over 1000 volunteers and over €100,000 invested

    September 25, 2015

    By Luisa Grigore


    The TELUS Days of Giving are not only the most impactful, but also the most awaited and inspiring events in our Corporate Social Responsibility calendar. We know that our team members want to be part of something bigger. Therefore, through the TELUS Days of Giving we give them the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities. The enthusiasm of our team members inspired us to organize a total of four TELUS Days of Giving in Europe this year – two in Bulgaria and two in Romania. In this post we are proud to share with you a short recap of our acts of good at this year’s TELUS Days of Giving.

    TELUS Days of Giving in Bucharest, Romania

    Earlier this year on June 6th we held our annual TELUS Days of Giving in Bucharest at the 136 School located in the Ferentari area of Bucharest. With a total budget of 30,000 EUR, 350 team members, partners from the Canadian and French Embassies in Bucharest, the City Hall of Sector 5, The Policy Center NGO for Roma minorities, Mai Mult Verde NGO, CCIFER and Media we gave our hearts and hands on that day to positively affect the lives of 400 children attending classes at this school. Our contribution this year included: plastering, repairing and painting the walls in the hallways and gym, repairing furniture in the gym, and gardening. Volunteers worked to refurbish the school; painting and repairing hallways and equipping a special IT room with 15 computers, mowing and cleaning the lawns.

    First TELUS Days of Giving in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Again in June, we held the first TELUS Days of Giving in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The company invested almost €15,000 and the efforts of 150 volunteers to refurbish the Children’s house, part of the Social Service Complex for Children and Families.

    For a third consecutive year at the Louis Braille School in Sofia, Bulgaria

    On September 5th, as part of the TELUS Days of Giving in Sofia, more than 500 TELUS International Europe volunteers from our Bulgarian sites invested their time and energy, along with a company investment of €40,000, to renovate the Louis Braille School for the visually impaired children in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    The initiative in Bulgaria took place at the Louis Braille School for the third consecutive year. With this year’s planned activities, we fulfilled the promise made three years ago to the school management to help them improve the conditions where the children live and study.

    “We are extremely happy and grateful to TELUS International and all the volunteers for the support. Our school seldom receives an investment of such scale and we can’t believe we have finally accomplished what we have been dreaming of for years. Our school is one of the few in Bulgaria where children with disabilities can get education and I can happily say that the conditions, atmosphere and quality of teaching and learning in the school have been significantly improved after the TELUS Days of Giving.” said Elka Belokapova, Director of the school.

    This year the investment was focused on finalizing the refurbishment which started three years ago at the first TELUS Days of Giving. The school dormitory has been entirely refurbished, the lighting in the dormitory and school building has been changed, the furniture has been replaced, the school yard was cleaned and the green areas maintained. The special sensory garden was brought back to life and now the children can continue to explore the surrounding nature. This year, the investment of time, money and energy is concentrated on refurbishing the school library, the hallways and the dormitory, planting new trees, and preparing the school for the start of the new school year.

    First TELUS Days of Giving in Craiova, Romania

    On September 12th this year we held the first TELUS Days of Giving in Craiova, focusing on refurbishing the Primary School in the village of Plopsor, where 20 children aged 3 to 10 attend classes. More than 100 TELUS International Europe volunteers from our Romanian sites along with an investment of €10,000 renovated the Primary School in Plopsor village, Salcuta, Dolj county, Romania.

    The children need a safer, cleaner and more comfortable facility so they are able to learn at their best. The renovations included refurbishing the inside of the school and the kindergarten, changing the lighting, the furniture and installing a computer corner, as well as improving the garden, where the children will now have a new playground. In addition, all TELUS International team members contributed with personal donations consisting of books, clothing, toys and school supplies for the children who will study there.

    “Our company has something which is missing in so many others: a big heart. A big heart rallying 100 TELUS International Romania team members, who decided to give their time and energy to refurbish the school Plopsor today. They are motivated only by altruism, by the simple will to do something positive, to modestly but dramatically improve the world in which we live,” said Gregoire Vigroux, co-founder of TELUS International Romania.

    I am really proud to be part of this amazing team and to know that, together we are giving back to the community in which we live,” said Mr. Xavier Marcenac, President of TELUS International Europe.


    Luisa Grigore is a CSR Manager at TELUS International Europe




















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