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  • TELUS Day of Giving in Romania wins Best CSR Initiative of 2015

    27 May, 2015

    By Luisa Grigore

    Best CSR

    At TELUS International Europe, corporate social responsibility isn’t just a fad. We live and breathe the philosophy of improving a world that really needs people to care for each other more than ever before.

    In the past, we have organized TELUS Day of Giving, SOS Babies of the Street – a campaign helping homeless babies, fundraising for the Hospice foundation, and blood donations.

    As a result of our efforts, we are happy to announce that our efforts in Romania have been recognized.

    On May 26th, 2015, we at TELUS International Europe were awarded the “Best CSR Initiative” award at the first annual Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence. The event was created to reward and celebrate the most prominent outsourcing firms in the Romanian Market and attended by senior figures from the Romanian government and top business. The awards were judged by eight respected experts, including CEOs, top academics, and two Romanian secretaries of state.

    Despite the fact that we organize many CSR initiatives all year long, the winning project they chose was our TELUS Day of Giving in Romania in 2014. We had chosen to help the Pinocchio Center for Social Services, a center dedicated to helping 37 abandoned and abused children. 300 volunteers refurbished the center: they installed an IT room, renovated the playground,and painted the building with over a thousand liters of paint. To make the day even more memorable, the children were surprised with a magician at the end of the day.

    Many of our volunteers were surprised at how much it affected them personally and for the better. One agent said that “the most precious memory from that time is associated with screams of joy, tears and the most sincere ‘Thank you’ I’ve ever heard!”

    Another, said she would participate again, as the event itself gave her “a constructive perspective, and the idea of ​​”Rather than being a human, Be a Humanitarian” lead [her] to take such opportunities whenever I can.”

    This recognition follows right on the heels of the award for Engagement for 2014 received from the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, confirming that we are dedicated to promoting positive change wherever we are.

    This week, on May 30th, 2015 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and on June 6th, 2015 Bucharest, Romania, we will have two more TELUS Days of Giving. As before, we will continue to do our best to promote positive change and improve the lives of individuals in our communities.


    Luisa Grigore is a CSR Manager at TELUS International Europe





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