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  • Support for gamers by gamers or how to provide the ultimate player experience

    November 26, 2015

    By Boriana Dimitrova
    player supportGamers have one thing in common and that is appreciation of exceptional service.

    We don’t want to sound overconfident, but we know a thing or two about player support. Our expertise is built on supporting with over 4,000 game enthusiasts five of the most highly recognized global games brands.

    Players respect other players, especially the ones that take the time to care

    So, as a result from our partnerships with some big game names we came to the conclusion that if studios want to provide the ultimate player experience they need to develop emotional connections with players. To do that they need to match gamers with like-minded support representatives. Therefore, it is very important to staff the player support teams not only with gamers who love to play and make it their mission to continually level-up in a game, but also with players who have the desire to help others.

    Players respect other players, especially the ones that take the time to care. In other words, the player support teams need to know their stuff, speak the same language as the gamers, and have the empathy to drive amazing player support experiences. Also to maintain the games culture, gameplay is an important part of their job. In other words the player support team is given the time to play at work, how cool is that?

    Describing a profile and giving some tips is not enough, though. To give you the full picture in the next couple of paragraphs we invite you to meet Lexi and Marco from our player support team.

    Lexi Culajara – Gaming support agent extraordinaire

    Lexi still can’t believe that she gets paid to play. Even when she’s not working as a TELUS International contact center agent supporting players for a large U.S.-based game publisher, she plays an average of six hours per day. She often arrives one hour before her shift just to play and warm up before serving other players. Lexi refers to this as “getting in the mood,” so she can be ready to provide quick and efficient game-play support.

    Her love for games started at an early age with strategy games, then RPGs. “It all snowballed from there,” says Lexi. Besides game knowledge (because, according to Lexi, “players can immediately tell if you don’t know what you’re talking about!”), one of her main goals is response time.

    When a ticket comes in, Lexi knows what it’s like to have to wait for a reply – especially in the middle of game play. Being super responsive is one of the ways she aims to delight players and keep them coming back!

    Marco Viviezca, Sr. Team Leader

    As a Senior Team Lead for a high-profile social and mobile gaming account at TELUS International, Marco loves that he can combine his customer support leadership skills with gaming. He considers himself a born gamer and still fondly remembers his first “Darth Vader” Atari 2600, including all of the pixilated graphics!

    Today, Marco is not only responsible for player satisfaction, measured via Net Promoter Score (NPS), but he also has an important resolution specialist role sharing game feedback, bugs and kinks directly with the California-based studio in real time via Skype. For Marco, the quality of the game is essential. By embracing an “analyst” mentality, he and his team are always helping to make the games better – sharing player verbatim, sending screen shots, analyzing device and platform info and more. But as Marco puts it, to spot the bugs, you need to play the games. Ensuring his team has time for game-play at work is also a priority.

    But what Marco loves most about working for this particular gaming client is how open and responsive the relationship is between the studio and its outsourced support team – even to the point where the studio worked with TELUS International to meet one player’s request for an in-game marriage proposal. For Marco, this is a great example of player delight where both the studio and the player’s girlfriend said “yes!”

    “We speak games in 30+ languages” is among our favorite sayings when it comes to player support, while our credo – players serving players is among our main differentiators in the industry. You can learn more about our games solutions in our games website!

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At the “Happiness & Wellbeing Awards” in Romania, TELUS International was recognized for promoting wellbeing in an outside of the workplace.

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