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  • 5 Proven Strategies to Drive ROI for Sales Chat

    January 7 2014

    Part 1

    The analysis in this article are based on benchmarking study conducted by TELUS International and SPOT Consulting to identify the ideal chat session and an associated set of best practices, with a focus on sales chat.

    Sales ChatIn order to identify the qualitative metrics of an ideal online sales chat session our colleagues from TELUS International conducted a study on six Fortune 500 companies. Several best practices emerged improving the chat channel and creating an ideal customer experience. We’ve grouped them into the top five best practices that can improve ROI.

    Best Practice #1: Agent Training

    The first best practice that will improve the ROI on your sales chat is having highly skilled agents who ensure low customer effort. Studies show that when organizations force customers to work harder, customer experience suffers. In fact, about 80% of customers with low-effort interactions are likely to continue doing business with the company and would recommend it to others.

    Some training steps companies can take are:

    – Make the sales chat feel like a phone call. Strive to have agents respond in 60 seconds or less.
    – Use up-to-date training material & be sure sales agents know the differences between up-sells.
    – Train agents to effectively move the conversation to a sale or issue resolution – providing a message map for agents is very helpful. 

    Best Practice #2: Improved Sales Chat Writing = Better CRM

    Strong writing skills are critical to conveying an accurate message and upholding the company brand. Well-written agent responses reduce customer effort by making it easy for customers to quickly find answers.

    When writing, agents should focus on:

    – Brevity and staying on point
    – Grammar, spelling and sentence structure
    – Voice and tone
    – Terminology
    – Personalization

    We suggest each company determine what’s important to their voice and tone and make a list of grammar rules to incorporate in a writing skills workshop.

    Stay tuned for part 2.

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In addition to our Six Sigma focus, our commitment to best practices includes ITIL V3 compliance and ISO 20000:2011 certification.

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