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  • Sneak peek: our Bucharest operations are moving to a brand new location

    March 26, 2015

    By Andreea Nicolescu

    afi2_47140800Exponential growth in 2014

    True, 2014 was a very successful year for TELUS International Europe. Our Romanian operations achieved a remarkable growth in terms of employees. To give you the big picture in Romania, the number of our team members was 283 in January 2014, while by the end of the year it grew to 478, making a remarkable 69% increase.

    Whereas many companies are going through a crisis and have been forced to lay off employees, we also grew revenue by 100%. This is good news for both our clients and our own team members. To absorb this exponential growth we decided to look for a new site in Bucharest.

    Focusing on what our team members need

    We made an internal survey and asked our team members what type of offices they wished to work in. We found that our team members would like the new office to be located in the 6th sector of Bucharest (as 50% of our team members live there) and 30% would like the new office to be next to a mall.

    Given the facts, the AFI Business Park was the best option for us. It’s the perfect place, given its location in the 6th sector of Bucharest and its proximity to the AFI mall, which is the biggest one in Romania.

    In July 2014, we signed a contract with AFI for an entire building of 5 floors and 5,300 sqm2. Thanks to the new office space, we will be able to absorb our expected growth in the years to come.

    Moreover, the larger space means we have more possibilities to develop customized relaxing areas and facilities for our teams. Based on their preferences, we made a selection of arcade games, play area themes and overall choices to help improve the quality of their time spent at work.

    From a pool table to a multiplayer basketball game and even a huge fish tank, our new office has it all.

    The mall is now also a partner for us in delivering more benefits to TIE team members through their AFI Park discount cards, custom made for each of us. This means lower costs for lunch orders, a chance to go to the cinema more often or even go karting with your team members after work.

    Our team is excited to be moving to the new site really soon!

    Take a sneak peek at our new offices in AFI (5 floors, 5,300 sqm2)


    Andreea Nicolescu is HR Communication & Employer Branding Specialist at TELUS International Europe in Romania.








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