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  • Small Steps for Big Impact or Waste Office Week at TELUS International Europe

    We at TELUS International Europe are aware of the impact which corporations could have on the environment and societies in which they operate. Therefore, core component of TELUS International Europe’s corporate culture are its CSR activities which bring employees together to support social and environmental causes. Our latest CSR activity is called Waste Office Week 2013 and it takes place from May 27 to June 1 in our offices in Bulgaria. For second consecutive year the employees at TELUS International Europe take an active part in the Waste Office Week initiative organized by Cleantech Bulgaria.

    waste office week

    Being ecofriendly is easy to learn and fun to do

    The goal of the campaign is to educate employees in corporations on how to recycle the materials on the workplace and what tremendous positive impact the recycling of those materials could have on the environment. Also, the initiative aims to change people’s perceptions and habits by showing that being ecofriendly is not only easy to learn and easy to do but also fun. The ultimate goal is to make a change from inside-out by urging employees to take small actions that would have big impact on environmental sustainability.

    waste office week

    To initiate the “green” change in the office a special Waste Office Calendar is placed around the office of TELUS International Europe. Every day of the calendar is dedicated to a different material that could be recycled – plastic, glass, paper and metal. Practical advices on how to recycle the material of the day and the environmental impact which the material could have if recycled are the main components of the calendar. The calendar quickly gained popularity in the office and employees at TELUS International Europe are now actively using the special recycled bins place around the office. The last day of the Waste Office Week initiative will be dedicated to employee’s creative ideas on how to preserve the environment on the workplace inspired by the campaign.

    Every “little thing” counts

    We at TELUS International Europe are committed to generate enduring economic and social value through our CSR activities. Therefore, we believe that even small actions like throwing glass and paper on the right place in the office has big impact on the environmental sustainability in the places where we work and live.

    P.S. Recycle after usage

    Some of TELUS International Europe’s CSR activities include: Blood donation in the offices in Bucharest and Craiova, Casiopeea Race for breast cancer awareness and fundraising, Tree Planting Event in Romania

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TELUS International Europe Romania is among the "Most Loved Employers" in the BPO sector according to the Inspire Group and Mercury Research.

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