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  • Romania remains one of the top countries in Europe in terms of multilingual call center services

    April 16, 2014

    Gregoire VigrouxNote: Last week our Sales & Marketing Director for Europe, Grégoire Vigroux, gave an interview for the Romanian website to discuss the competitive advantages of Romania making it a top European outsourcing destination. Here is a part of the interview that he gave.

    There are several reasons why Romania is well placed in terms of call center services. Among these are excellent language skills, strong knowledge in IT and cultural proximity to Western Europe,” said Gregoire Vigroux, TELUS International Sales & Marketing Director Europe, in an interview for

    How many job positions you want to open this year?

    GV: TELUS International currently has 400 employees spread into two centers – Bucharest (300) and Craiova (100). We plan to hire another 400 people this year, until December 2014.

    What are employee’s benefits (bonuses, working conditions, training programs and other benefits)?

    GV: Besides attractive salary, on our new programs we offer introductory training lasting six weeks, fully paid by the company, or personal development training in the TELUS Academy and TELUS languages ​​in the Language Academy. Also, employees are awarded performance bonuses, meal tickets, wage increase of 25%, medical insurance for employees and their families and healthcare discounts for gym. Last but not least, employees benefit from flexible schedule shifts, team-buildings and other activities that increase team cohesion.

    What are the selection criteria?

    GV: We hire people who have excellent communication skills and the ability to stay calm in any situation. You must also be able to operate with a computer. Multilingual projects require an advanced level of written and spoken language.

    Why did you choose Romania as one of the countries to provide services for international clients?

    GV: Romania remains one of the top countries in Europe in terms of multilingual call center services, according to a recent ranking published by A & T Kearney. The main reasons for which Romania is so well placed are the excellent language skills, strong knowledge in IT and cultural proximity to Western Europe. In addition, the Romanians are famous for being able to find solutions to various problems, which is extremely important in terms of providing quality services to clients. TELUS International Europe (formerly CallPoint) was founded in Bucharest in 2007 with the objective of providing services to local clients (in Romania) and those in Western Europe and North America. At the moment the main languages ​​spoken in the TELUS International Europe are Romanian, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

    Although salaries are competitive in Romania, lowering costs is not the only reason for business to outsource call center services. Ability to provide services at an affordable price is of course always important. However, I would add that just as important is the ability to demonstrate that by partnering with experts in customer service, we can offer high quality services and increase customer loyalty. This is the area in which Romania can excel – providing exceptional service to impress clients at affordable prices. Therefore, we see Romania as the new El Dorado in call center services for companies in North America and Western Europe. Romania has become a leading country in the European IT outsourcing.

    What is the impact of the recent rebranding over the company’s employees?

    GV: TELUS International will double the headcount this year in Romania and we will reach 800 by December 2014. Bulk of this growth will be generated by new programs submitted by the parent company – TELUS Corporation – second largest telecom provider in Canada with annual revenue of over $ 10 billion. Also, our colleagues will have the opportunity to grow within and with a large group.

    How do you estimate the market evolution that you operate in?

    GV:Currently approximately 30,000 employees are working in call centers in Romania or in BPO sector. More than half of these are in Bucharest, which generates a strong competition to attract the best talent in the labor market. To cope with this problem TELUS International Europe has launched a call center where there is no competition. We opened the center in Craiova in 2012 where now work 100 colleagues.

    What are the main trends in the market that you operate in?

    GV:The main trend in 2014 is the growth of social media versus voice. More and more people interact with customer service departments through social media (Facebook mainly). By interacting in social media we manage the “e- reputation” of our customers, bringing consumers closer to the brand. At the same time our solutions for monitoring social media allow us to find out what Internet users say about our customers, who are these users where they are located and how influential they are. Further, the Community Management services increase online presence of the clients, making their brand more visible. Furthermore, on behalf of our clients, we provide the public with relevant information about them. The main result is an increase in consumer loyalty, brand notoriety and eventually increase sales.

    Gregoire Vigroux is Director, responsible for Sales and Marketing for TELUS International Europe.

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