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    • TELUS International Europe awarded Wellbeing Master at Work

      We are happy to announce that TELUS International Europe Romania was recognized for the benefits the company offers to its team members, at the “Happiness & Wellbeing Awards” Gala organized by The Center of Happiness on December 10th in Bucharest, Romania. The event “Happiness & Wellbeing Awards” celebrated and gave recognition to those companies that have contributed to the wellbeing of Romanians in and outside the workplace in 2015.

      3 quick wins to boost your fraud management team’s efficiency

      The year-end and respectively the holiday season is undoubtedly the most complex period for fraud management teams. The challenges are many: increased volume to control, short processing deadlines, inexperienced new staff, and respectively bigger threat because fraudsters are aware of the troubles that may occur.

      Six ways to make CSR programs a key factor for high employee engagement

      CSR may be employed to contribute to maintaining high engagement among Gen Y talent. Why does CSR relate so well to Gen Y?

      Take a virtual site tour of our offices

      Our offices have become known for their innovative, fun and pleasant design. They have a positive impact on team members’ satisfaction and happiness at work. Simply put, we aim to make our offices the place that our team members want to be and where our clients trust to have their customers served!

      Support for gamers by gamers or how to provide the ultimate player experience

      Gamers have one thing in common and that is appreciation of exceptional service. Players respect other players, especially the ones that take the time to care. So, as a result from our partnerships with some big game names we came to the conclusion that if studios want to provide the ultimate player experience they need to develop emotional connections with players.

      Executive Breakfast Series in Berlin with TELUS International Europe and Zendesk

      The Berlin edition of the Executive Breakfast Series focused on the changes in the customer care industry and customer expectations in the age of a digital transformation. Together with Zendesk, Europcar and L'Oréal Deutschland we shared tangible, actionable advice on how to best serve customers and how to shape and measure the success of customer care strategies.

      What you need to know about NPS and does it really help to generate growth?

      Net Promoter Score, or just NPS, is an indicator measuring the tendency of a customer to recommend a brand, a company, a service or a product to family, friends or professional circle. Customers are asked to answer a simple question: “Would you recommend us to a friend or a colleague?”

      Bulgaria wins Offshoring Destination of the Year Award

      As a business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing provider operating in Bulgaria for more than 10 years now we are delighted to share with you that Bulgaria was awarded “Offshoring Designation of the Year Award” at the European Outsourcing Association Awards (EOAA) 2015.

      TELUS International Europe awarded Business Leader in CSR at the ABSL Annual Conference

      Taking into consideration the outstanding evolution of the Business Services sector in the past few years, the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL) acknowledged the most innovative, cutting edge initiatives of the industry during the ABSL Awards Gala 2015. The event took place on the 8th of October, 2015, at Radisson Blu, in Bucharest, Romania.

      What’s behind customer satisfaction?

      At TELUS International Europe we love sharing industry insights, experience and innovation. That is why we are always up for participating in industry fairs and conferences. That is why we organize Executive Breakfasts across Europe, to share insights and innovations on hot topics in the customer care industry.

      TELUS Days of Giving in Europe in 2015 – 4 Days of Giving, over 1000 volunteers and over €100,000 invested

      The TELUS Days of Giving are not only the most impactful, but also the most awaited and inspiring events in our Corporate Social Responsibility calendar. We know that our team members want to be part of something bigger. Therefore, through the TELUS Days of Giving we give them the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities.

      Heroes Day at TELUS International Europe – listening and learning from our experts

      We are excited to have held our second annual TELUS International Heroes Day and listen and learn from for our frontline team members, our experts – who daily interact with our customers. Frontline and administration and members from the leadership team had the chance to participate in the event held on September 10th.

      TELUS International Europe recognized as “Strategic Investor” at Plovdiv 2020 Forum

      TELUS International Europe, a leading outsourcing company, won the “Strategic Investor” award today at the Plovdiv 2020 Forum. Organized by the Plovdiv Municipality and the media outlets TRUD and 24 chasa, the theme of the Forum is “what should be done to develop industry, cultural tourism and investment”.

      Join our acts of good at the TELUS Days of Giving

      Our TELUS Days of Giving are among the most important initiatives in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) calendar of TELUS International across the globe. We are now getting ready for the third edition of the TELUS Days of Giving in Sofia, which is just around the corner on September 5th. Our friends from the Louis Braille School in Sofia for visually impaired children are awaiting us for a third consecutive year, traditionally just before their school starts.

      For game gurus: Quality is a game changer and it really is possible to be bug free!

      You better than anyone else know that game quality is everything! Video games are complex and difficult to design and test no matter whether you are developing AAA game or the next Flappy Bird. You also (probably painfully) know that ensuring sufficient pre-release functional testing is a humongous challenge.

      Start-ups and outsourcing: how to achieve growth, innovation and success

      Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed a number of experts in start-ups, innovation and venture capital discussing the potential benefits of outsourcing customer service and other non-core business functions.

      65% of social media users prefer this channel to the traditional contact centers

      A tremendous customer service opportunity has emerged with the adoption of social media by consumers and the ability for companies to effectively listen to and track conversations about their brands. At TELUS International Europe we call this activity “social care,” and it’s defined as the efforts employees make through social media to care for customers.

      Let’s talk about games at gamescom in Cologne!

      With gamescom coming up in two weeks in Cologne, Germany, August 5 to 9, we’ve got games on our minds! We are very excited about this year’s event as we are now happy to share with you that we have extended our games services.

      For e-tailers! How to boost customer service and sales with online chat?

      In Europe, E-commerce sales grew by 18.4 % last year to €156.28 billion. Industry sales are expected to increase with the same growth rate in 2015, so it will be worth €185.39 billion at the end of the year (Source: RetailMeNot). These figures pose a tremendous opportunity for e-tailers to grow their customer base and provide top-notch customer service and sales within the online environment.

      We speak games! Check out our new website!

      We are excited to share with you our new website dedicated to games companies and publishers looking to provide premium support and bug free environment to their players, and conquer new territories full of gamers.

      Executive breakfast series with TELUS International Europe

      TELUS International Europe is happy to announce and invite you to a new initiative – Executive Breakfast series. This is not the typical business networking event, but a platform for sharing insights and innovations on hot topics in the customer care industry and not only, in the form of an interactive debate.

      Sneak peek 2: Welcome to TELUS International Europe in Bucharest!

      It is a fact! Our team in Bucharest moved to a brand new location! Cool, friendly, convenient, innovative, all in one, our new office is located in the AFI Park, Bucharest’s newest and most advanced Class A Business Park. The building is fully integrated into “AFI Palace Cotroceni”, the biggest and leading shopping mall in Romania and among the biggest shopping malls in the Central Eastern European region.

      More than 350 TELUS International Europe volunteers renovated a school in Bucharest

      From North America, to Central America, from Asia to Europe, our TELUS Days of Giving continue to inspire our team members to “give where we live” across the globe. This year, we held our annual TELUS Day of Giving in Bucharest on Saturday, June 6th at the 136 School located in the Ferentari area of Bucharest. With a total budget of 30,000 EUR, 350 team members, partners we gave our hearts and hands on that day to positively affect the lives of 400 children attending classes at this school.

      Proudly launching the TELUS International Europe Community Board to support charities in Bulgaria and Romania

      At TELUS International Europe we are pleased to announce the launch of the TELUS International Europe (TIE) Community Board on June 2nd in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Board has brought together community leaders and TIE team members to make decisions on where our help will bring about the most positive influence. After all, as the company grows, we have a responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and it is best to concentrate our efforts in a way that they would bring about the most good.

      Top 4 tips for turning your bad customer service into great customer service

      Many of us think it’s impossible to win back a customer who has been disappointed by customer service, but the truth is, this is the best time to show them your best customer service.

      TELUS Day of Giving in Romania wins Best CSR Initiative of 2015

      At TELUS International Europe, corporate social responsibility isn't just a fad. We live and breathe the philosophy of improving a world that really needs people to care for each other more than ever before. On May 26th, 2015, we at TELUS International Europe were awarded the "Best CSR Initiative" award for our TELUS Day of Giving at the first annual Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence.

      Look East for a top outsourcing destination

      With the growth of the outsource industry, more companies than ever are looking towards Eastern Europe as their preferred destination. In fact, both Romania and Bulgaria are ranked in the top five preferred outsourcing destination in the BPO and Shared Service Location Index by Cushman and Wakefield, the world’s largest privately-held commercial real estate services firm. Both countries offer cultural proximity to Western Europe, which smooths communication and allows for more complex projects to be executed, and both are in a timezone that is relatively close to the customers being served.

      Support on mobiles is what your customer needs

      Multichannel solutions have grown increasingly mobile and consumers have begun to use their cell phones for almost everything. Should a customer want to contact a company or get any sort of information, they have the world at their fingertips.

      Romania is the new Morocco: the new French outsourcing capital of the world

      More than ever, Romania is a growing bastion of francophones. With 20% of the population speaking French at a high level, companies are turning their gaze from Morocco to Romania for its outsourcing potential.

      Switching from phone calls to Twitter: social media for customer service

      A new era is upon us. More than ever, customers are using social media for customer service. When they reach for their phone, they are as likely to tweet as call customer service. This presents a new set of rules and an entirely new way to approach customer care: faster, more public, and much more personal.

      How Six Sigma improves customer care operations?

      Although it is not completely new to the industry Business Process Improvement (BPI) will continue to shape the Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center Outsourcing sectors and be a driving factor in their evolvement in the years to come. Why is that? It’s because more and more companies began to realize that it is not enough just to transfer their processes to a contact center outsourcer and consider customer service a done deal.

      Outsourcing in Romania or Morocco? What would your company choose?

      In the past few weeks we started a series of posts focused on Romania and the major factors making it a preferred outsourcing destination for European companies. In this post we’ll again be talking about Romania, but we’ll be comparing it to Morocco. Why?

      Sneak peek: our Bucharest operations are moving to a brand new location

      True, 2014 was a very successful year for TELUS International Europe. Our Romanian operations achieved a remarkable growth in terms of employees. To give you the big picture in Romania, the number of our team members was 283 in January 2014, while by the end of the year it grew to 478, making a remarkable 69% increase.

      What makes Romania a preferred outsourcing destination?

      Romania has an ever increasing reputation as an attractive outsourcing destination. Indeed, the 2014 A.T. Kearney index ranked Romania 5th among the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe. Also, according to the Times Outsourcing Business supplement 2012, Romania occupies 6th position globally in the top 10 emerging outsourcing destinations.

      eBook: Unfolding the future of the contact center outsourcing industry

      As we approach the 10th anniversary of our company, TELUS International Europe decided to reflect on the future of our industry, identifying the latest industry trends that point to its transformation. In the eBook The future of the contact center outsourcing industry, we touch upon the top 5 differences that according to us will shape our industry in the future.

      TELUS International Europe won the prestigious Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum award for Engagement 2014

      On February 25th, 2015, at the 12th Responsible Business Awards of BBLF, TELUS International Europe won the Special Engagement Award. An independent jury of 12 respected experts from various sectors chose our TELUS Day of Giving initiative in Bulgaria among 77 other projects of other socially responsible companies.

      Shaping E-commerce customer service in Germany: what will change in 2015

      According to the Verband der Deutschen Internetwirtschaft (“Association of the German Internet Industry”), more than half (53 percent) of German GDP generated in 2017 will be e-commerce related (compared to 37 percent in 2012). These numbers highlight the significant potential within the e-commerce market in Germany in both B2C and B2B environments.

      TELUS International Europe will participate in the 17th edition of Contact Center World in Berlin

      On 24th and 25th of February, 2015, TELUS International Europe will attend the Contact Center World (CCW) Fair, the leading European event for the customer service and call center industry. This year, the event will take place at the Estrel Convention Center, in Berlin.

      How TELUS International engages and motivates employees through volunteering programs

      Activities like the TELUS Day of Giving connect us to each other, our communities, and really drive our culture forward. The TELUS Day of Giving is a global campaign which gives TELUS and TELUS International employees the opportunity to give back to the communities in which they live, work and serve by volunteering their time in support of community projects.

      Virtual Site Tour Video – It’s different at TELUS International Europe

      A few weeks ago, TELUS International launched the first Virtual Site Tour, featuring their operations in Central America (in case you missed it, here’s the link). In the same spirit of helping our prospective customers and team members “see” what we do, and how we’re different, we’ve just launched the second Virtual Site Tour video featuring our two main sites at TELUS International Europe – Bucharest and Sofia.

      5 trends that will drive the contact center outsourcing industry in 2015

      At the kickoff of 2015 it is time to look into the trends and innovations that will drive the evolution of the Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors this year. From the standpoint of a multilingual contact center provider serving the customer care needs of some of the world’s largest brands here are our 5 predictions for key trends that will shape the CCO industry in 2015.

      Our top 5 blog posts from 2014 – employee engagement, Gen Y, Bulgaria and more!

      It’s been a great year for our TELUS International Europe blog. In 2014 we published over 45 new posts and generated thousands of views. Our authors, TELUS International Europe and TELUS International team members, have provided blog posts on an array of topics, ranging from business process intelligence to the importance of corporate culture.

      What’s to come in 2015 – IT trends in customer service

      As the Chief Information Officer and Vice-President of Information Technology (IT) at TELUS International, I often get asked what the future holds for IT. I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict the future, but my role gives me lots of insight on the big trends in customer service IT.

      5 key trends in travel customer service in 2015

      Here are five of the key trends which will be shaping customer service in the travel sector throughout 2015. Each offers a fresh opportunity for companies to reinvent the service they offer customers and in so doing gain significant competitive advantage.

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