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    • 8 metrics that matter: How to measure customer service on social media?

      Social media is transforming customer service. In the past 30 years customer service channels have moved swiftly from letter, through telephone, to email, webchat, and now social media. Companies have struggled to keep up with the emergence of this new multichannel world: in 2012 Oracle reported that 46% of online customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook, but only 23% were providing it.

      Bulgaria is number 1 most attractive outsourcing destination in Europe

      For many years now, corporates have been torn between the high costs of outsourcing customer service to European countries, and the low service levels often prevalent in offshore locations. Yet this is changing rapidly, with many companies recognizing South Eastern Europe as a viable location for customer service.

      5 reasons that will make you want to work and live in Plovdiv

      As a Recruitment Director in a big corporation like TELUS International and working in the outsourcing sector, an industry that develops and grows very fast both in terms of workforce and size in the Bulgarian marketplace, I always try to stay up to date with the requirements that the industry poses to the labor market and the future trends.

      Black Friday: How to Combat Online Fraud in E-commerce

      Online fraud costs UK e-commerce providers £29.3m in the first half of this year – up a startling 71% on the same period in 2013.Despite these alarming figures, the solutions implemented by e-merchants for fighting fraud are relatively inefficient. So, what are the most common fraud management solutions? Can e-commerce companies fight fraud without sacrificing the customer experience?

      Infographic: The importance of employee engagement

      There is no shortage of research on the importance of employee engagement. Firms like Gallup, Aon Hewitt, Forrester and others have clearly demonstrated the business opportunities available to firms that successfully engage their employees - and the potential peril of those who favor more transactional management and short-term incentives.

      Why not work the way you live?

      It is a fact that Millennials (or Generation Y) work the frontlines of companies around the world, and make up the majority of the workforce in customer-service organizations. Yet many employers are unsure how to keep these workers engaged and productive, and struggle with staff attrition.

      Transforming the customer service industry: when call centers become BPI partners

      As 2014 approaches its end it is time to look back and make an assessment of what has changed in our industry over the passing year. What are the innovations and trends that would determine the evolution of the BPO sector?

      TELUS International proudly shares its Eastern European investment story

      Expanding our business to new countries is one of the highlights of my work with TELUS International. As a global BPO, TELUS International has over 16,000 team members throughout North America, Central America, Asia and Europe.

      Omni-channel customer care – what customers expect from you?

      The customer of 2015 demands 24/7/365 support and expects it anytime, anywhere and from any device. This generation of shoppers simply wants service their way. They expect companies to solve problems quickly and they expect to enjoy themselves while they are doing it. The days of waiting patiently in line are long gone.

      TELUS Day of Giving in action – we give back to the communities in Europe

      This year the magic of the TELUS Day of Giving reached Bulgaria on August 30 and Romania on September 27. Over 500 TELUS International Europe team members from our Bulgarian sites came together to support the Louis Braille School for visually impaired children in Sofia, and over 300 team member from our Romanian sites supported the “Pinocchio” Center for Social Services in Bucharest.

      Beyond language skills – 5 steps to successful multilingual customer service campaigns

      The world is globalizing at a remarkable rate. For the companies selling goods and services overseas this without doubt a positive, represented in billions of extra revenue coming from overseas markets, also presents a significant challenge: how to communicate with consumers who speak different languages, who operate in different time zones, and who have radically different cultures?

      Should customer service take advantage of the selfie phenomenon?

      According to Media Bistro, over one million selfies are taken each day. And, as much as some people would like to blame Apple for starting the trend back in 2010 when it first introduced its front-facing iPhone camera (can self-portrait taking get any easier?), what we really need to do is figure out how to take advantage of the selfie phenomenon to better our relationships with customers.

      Self-service or live agent customer care? How to decide?

      Few weeks ago I was asked by mycustomer.com to give my opinion on the topic how to decide which customer interactions should be self-service and which still require agent input? Even though at TELUS International Europe we don’t offer self-service solutions we try to keep up with the latest in customer care.

      TELUS Day of Giving is coming up in Europe

      As summer approaches its end we at TELUS International Europe associate this time of the year with the opportunity to bring social change by giving back to our communities. Our TELUS Day of Giving in Europe is coming up in support of our “we give where we live” philosophy.

      The contact center of the future starts today!

      Call centers appeared about 50 years ago in response to the constantly changing needs of the consumer. They adapted to new information technologies and the emergence of new communication channels: email, chat and social media.

      The contact center of tomorrow – 5 ways it will be different

      The contact center of 2014 is almost unrecognizable from the call center of 1984, 1994, and even 2004. The industry has definitely seen its fair share of change – and yet, within the next few years, we can expect even more change to come.

      Top 6 guiding principles for implementing player support in the games industry

      With both the Games Developer Conference Europe and gamescom descending upon Cologne, Germany, August 11 to 17 collectively, we’ve got gaming on our minds! You see, since 2005, TELUS International has partnered with leading games companies to deliver player support services.

      Hands-on: TELUS International Europe is seeking best talent in Bulgaria and Romania

      In Bulgaria and Romania together, there are more than 50,000 people working in O&O (Outsourcing and Off-shoring) industry. The competition for top talents is intensifying in the region, especially in the big East European cities such as Sofia and Bucharest ranked by A.T. Kearney among the top South-east European hubs for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

      Business process improvement is the new driver for innovation

      Increasingly companies begin to realize that just transferring their processes to an outsourced contact center provider is not enough for delivering excellence in customer service and delighting their customers. Contact centers, on their part have also done their homework.

      Four customer service tactics to unlock value in the games industry

      In an industry where reputation is everything, this is where customer service can be a real game-changer in the games industry. Through strategic planning and investment in analytical and support tools, studios can create an opportunity for highly personalized, engaging player service experiences that will “bond” consumers to the brand.

      TELUS International Europe plans to open 500 new jobs in Bulgaria

      TELUS International Europe will invest 5 million leva for the equipment of new work stations as part of the project “Expansion of TELUS International Europe and entering new markets” and plans to create 523 new jobs in Bulgaria.

      Excelling at Multilingual Customer Service: insights from our Frost Europe panel with paysafecard.com

      From June 9 to 11, approximately 100 customer experience professionals met in Lisbon, Portugal, to discuss best practices in customer service at the annual Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange event. Now it’s time to share what we’ve learned from our Fireside Chat topic on Excelling at Multilingual Customer Care, which we presented alongside Joey McClain, the Head of Customer Care at paysafecard.com.

      Six reasons to consider a customer support strategy for games companies

      It has become increasingly difficult for game developers to generate and sustain brand loyalty. While technological advances and the proliferation of social media have generated more real-time interaction with players, it is important not to overlook the importance of player support, or to underestimate its powerful influence on brand loyalty and a player’s likelihood to recommend.

      What you didn’t know about online chat?

      As consumers migrate online to manage their business transactions and decisions, the influence of online chat on the customer experience will continue to increase. A recent report states that one-fifth of both Gen Y (ages 18-27) and Gen X (ages 28-40) consumers located and engaged in online chat when they visited a company’s website. Comparatively, just one-tenth of boomers and seniors take advantage of chat.

      Unlocking the secrets of multilingual customer support at Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact 2014, Europe

      It’s that time again! TELUS International will be heading to another Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange event from June 9 to 11 – this time in Lisbon, Portugal. What’s even more exciting is that I will be presenting a Fireside Chat topic on Excelling at Multilingual Customer Care, alongside Joey McClain, the Head of Customer Care at paysafecard.com.

      Defining Social Media Monitoring and how it works

      When it comes to social media, companies have become not only more visible than ever before, but also more vulnerable. One single negative mention online can pose a real threat to a company since it can quickly escalate to millions of views, comments, likes, shares and tweets.

      TELUS International Europe is joining the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania

      In May, 2014, TELUS International Europe has joined the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL). “We are proud to join ABSL in Romania. It is crucial for our company to play an active role in representing our industry locally and move our business interests forward. Our primary objectives with ABSL will be to contribute to drive market insights and intelligence and strengthen positive image of our sector in Romania.”

      Customer Experience Innovation in Ecommerce: 3 Big Shifts Underway

      Customer experience innovation is now a game changer in the rapidly growing Ecommerce industry. The 3 big trends underway – Generation Y, chat and social media, and corporate culture – will largely impact customer service in Ecommerce in the near future.

      Quantifying the business impact of culture. But how?

      A lot of business leaders talk about culture, but they struggle to quantify it. Frost & Sullivan recently spoke with members of TELUS International, a global BPO provider, to get their perspective on the importance of an organization’s culture and the impacts it has on customers and on the business itself.

      Romania remains one of the top countries in Europe in terms of multilingual call center services

      “There are several reasons why Romania is well placed in terms of call center services. Among these are excellent language skills, strong knowledge in IT and cultural proximity to Western Europe,” said Gregoire Vigroux, TELUS International Sales & Marketing Director Europe, in an interview for Manager.ro.

      How to Attract Generation Y to Come Work for You? Part 3

      Generation Y world population (ages 14-34) is just over 2.4 billion people. By 2017, Generation Y will have more spending power than any other generation. So how do you attract Generation Y to come work for you? And, once they are employed, how do you get them to stay working with you for the long haul.

      How to Attract Generation Y to Come Work for You? Part 2

      No doubt that Generation Y is changing the business landscape. By 2030 Millennials will be roughly 75% of the global workforce. The sheer size of this demographic segment will force organizations to re-think many of their policies.

      How to Attract Generation Y to Come Work for You? Part 1

      Generation Y, those born between 1980 and 2000, are seen as a game-changing force both as employees and as consumers. Why is that? • First, as employees Generation Y accounts to a huge segment of today’s workforce. • Second as customers Generation Y is heading towards their peak earning years, controlling and influencing a lot of spending.

      Warning: Revenue Leakage Caused by Attrition

      While every contact center focuses on the costs associated with attrition, it is much harder to assess the revenue impact of attrition. Assessment of revenue impact reveals significant leakages linked to attrition. These are driven by efficient gaps between the existing customer service representative (CSR) and the replacement CSR.

      The Shocking Truth about Cost of Contact Center Attrition

      Everest Group conducted a study with the purpose of assessing the business impacts of contact center attrition by using a methodology which breaks down the impact of attrition to the level of the individual contact center customer service representative, showing how the departure of a given individual generates a series of cost and revenue associated outcomes.

      What are the Business Impacts of Contact Center Attrition?

      Attrition is considered a leading indicator of the health of contact center operations. The impact of attrition rates on business outcomes is a growing priority for business leaders looking to utilize the contact center to drive new business growth.

      CallPoint Rebrands to TELUS International Europe

      CallPoint powered by TELUS, an integral part and the European arm of TELUS International, will now operate under the new name, “TELUS International Europe.”

      How to Establish a Customer Service Culture that Millenials Will Love

      Millennials have unique needs for social collaboration and ongoing feedback regarding their personal and professional development. It’s not just about earning a paycheck. It’s about capturing their hearts and minds via a culture that mirrors their personal values, wants and beliefs.

      What are the Key Trends that will Change the BPO Industry?

      What are the tendencies defining the future of the BPO industry? According to Kevin Bottoms, VP Business Development at TELUS International, five trends are emerging as key factors defining the BPO industry in the next decade.

      The Rising Trend in BPO: Outsourcing for Social Good

      Now BPO providers have to go beyond client’s expectations in order to stay competitive. The DNA of the emerging model for the BPO industry is based on the value of a caring culture. Progressive BPOs are increasingly mobilizing employees to volunteer in their communities by supporting basic needs.

      5 Proven Strategies to Drive ROI for Sales Chat Part 2

      An online sales chat interaction should seem like a conversation. Agents need to know how, and be trained to construct a conversation flow within the chat environment.

      5 Proven Strategies to Drive ROI for Sales Chat

      In order to identify the qualitative metrics of an ideal online sales chat session our colleagues from TELUS International conducted a study on six Fortune 500 companies. Several best practices emerged improving the chat channel and creating an ideal customer experience.

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