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  • New Relax Zones in the Offices of TELUS International Europe

    Do you know that we spend on average 1700 hours per year at the office? Our working days although very dynamic and spend among friends are quite mundane sometimes. We at TELUS International Europe are aware of that. Therefore, we decided to make our days at the office more exciting and fun by rebranding the relax zones in all the cities where we operate.

    Relax area

    Rebranded to look like a garden, the relax room in Sofia is now cozy, quiet and comfortable place where you can eat lunch, watch TV or just sit back and relax. For Bucharest we chose something more exciting and thrilling. You can chill in the Texas Ranch Bar or “get into an adventure” in the jungle style of the second feedback room. Especially for the hard core fans of Star Wars the first feedback room will make you feel like Luke Skywalker as the room will resemble a star wars space ship.

    Summer always brings positive emotions and sunny mood, therefore in Plovdiv we are getting a seaside theme for the relax zone. In Craiova we are going to have Las Vegas Casino style in the relax zone where we can feel the vigorous, energetic and colorful spirit of Vegas.

    Relax area 2

    The rebranding of all sites will soon be completed. Pictures will also be shared soon in our Facebook page.

    Make your day at the office as you like it – more exciting, relaxed or spiced up.

    Visit our rebranded relax zones!

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