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  • More than 350 TELUS International Europe volunteers renovated a school in Bucharest

    June 17, 2015

    By Luisa Grigore

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    From North America, to Central America, from Asia to Europe, our TELUS Days of Giving continue to inspire our team members to “give where we live” across the globe. TELUS has always been passionately committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Since 2000, our people at TELUS have volunteered 8+ million hours of service in the world. Our goal is to continue doing our share in helping the community where we live, work and serve by developing high social-impact projects with the help of our volunteering team members.

    As part of our CSR programs, we are annually celebrating our TELUS Days of Giving, which are one day events where hundreds of volunteers are giving their time and heart to help others.

    This year, we held our annual TELUS Day of Giving in Bucharest on Saturday, June 6th at the 136 School located in the Ferentari area of Bucharest. With a total budget of 30,000 EUR, 350 team members, partners from the Canadian and French Embassies in Bucharest, the City Hall of Sector 5, The Policy Center NGO for Roma minorities, Mai Mult Verde NGO, CCIFER and Media we gave our hearts and hands on that day to positively affect the lives of 400 children attending classes at this school. Among the officials at the event were Mrs. Joanne Lemay, Ambassador of Canada in Romania, Mr. François Saint-Paul, Ambassador of France in Romania, Mr. Dan Iulian Croitoru, Vice mayor of Sector 5 City hall, Mr. Cezar-Radu Soare, Secretary of State for Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

    TELUS International Europe’s contribution this year includes: plastering, repairing and painting the walls in the hallways and gym, repairing furniture in the gym, and gardening. Volunteers worked to refurbish the school; painting and repairing hallways and equipping a special IT room with 15 computers, mowing and cleaning the lawns.

    “I am so very proud to support a global team of more than 16,000 TELUS International team members who are passionate about giving back to the communities where we live, work and serve,” said Jeffrey Puritt, President of TELUS International, who travelled from Canada to attend and participate in this special event. “It is truly inspiring to see the enthusiasm and dedication of the more than 350 Romanian team members who gave their time and energy to help school children have a safer and cleaner learning environment in which to thrive.”

    “The administration and students of “136 School” are so grateful for the support of TELUS International Europe,” said Laura Verde, Director of the School. “We appreciate the contribution of team members who volunteered their personal time to help make our school a better place to learn.”

    Weheld the TELUS Days of Giving in Bucharest for a third consecutive year. TELUS International Europe has organized the initiative twice so far, at “Ciresarii II” Centers for Social Services in Bucharest and “Pinochio”, in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Starting this year, an additional TELUS Days of Giving in Romania will be held on September 12, at Salcuta near Craiova, where more than 120 team members will volunteer in the renovation of a local school.

    At TELUS International, Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of life. In Romania, the company donates to SOS Babies of the Street (a campaign helping homeless babies), fundraises for the Hospice Foundation and holds blood donation drives on-site, among other initiatives to help support those in need.  Another important philanthropic initiative, the TELUS International Europe Community Board, launched on June 2,2015 and will distribute up to CAD$100,000 (€74,000) annually to local non-profit organizations in Romania and Bulgaria, beginning in 2015 and continuing every year thereafter. Visit for more information.

    The 2014 TELUS Days of Giving in Romania was awarded the “Best CSR Initiative” at the Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence event on May 26, 2015. Check out this article for more information.


    Luisa Grigore is a CSR Manager at TELUS International Europe

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