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  • What are the Key Trends that will Change the BPO Industry?

    January 28 2014

    Key Tends Change BPOWhat are the tendencies defining the future of the BPO industry? According to Kevin Bottoms, VP Business Development at TELUS International, five trends are emerging as key factors defining the BPO industry in the next decade. Last year the Outsourcemagazine.co.uk asked 40 commentators to give their opinion on what is ahead of us. They were asked the following question:

    What do you see as being the key trends, technologies, people or organizations that will define the BPO industry over the next five to ten years?

    Kevin Bottoms, among the experts asked, identifies as crucial trends the rise of cloud services, importance of corporate culture, data analytics and the increasing usage of mobile and social channels:

    Key Trend 1 – Culture

    It will become increasingly important for companies to build true partnerships with providers that can represent their culture and brand regardless of location.

    Companies will use outsourcing to gain a cultural and competitive edge. 

    Key Trend 2 – Cloud services

    The adoption of cloud services will continue as the technology becomes more mainstream, mature and cost effective. This includes call centers and BPOs moving their services to the cloud from CRM systems to entire telephony platforms.

    Key Trend 3 – Big data

    Expect to see the sophistication of metrics and the use of unstructured data to provide better business intelligence in real-time. A whole new set of tools to capitalize on this data will emerge.

    Key Trend 4 – IT gets more ‘customer-centric’

    Companies will focus more on experience metrics (such as customer satisfaction) over efficiency metrics (like average handle time).

    Key Trend 5 – Preferred channels

    Expect a rise in the number of customer questions via online chat, social media and mobile applications.

    Continuous development of technology and business processes, dynamic economic conditions, globalization, social and mobile revolutions, all contribute to drawing the future of the BPO industry. Whether these drivers would change the historic role of outsourcing, being a cost-reduction tool, to a means of delivering higher-quality services and capabilities only time will show.

    You can view the original article here.

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