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  • What makes an ideal service delivery location?

    There are many factors to consider when selecting a country and city for your contact center operations. We have identified characteristics that fit into four groups; each group is important to evaluate when selecting your outsourcing partner and location to do business.

    ideal location

    1. Technology

    When selecting an offshore or nearshore partner, it is important to consider the technology infrastructure in terms of connectivity, accessibility and security. For example, do the country and city have a strong telecom network with reliable domestic and international connectivity? Is it well supported with power, roads, airports, real estate, etc.? Will it support the business continuity planning and disaster recovery (BCP/DR) needs of your business?

    2. Human Resources

    With people regarded as one of the most valuable assets, finding a location that supports skills availability and agent retention is essential. The ideal location will have a good resource mix including multi-language capabilities if required. In addition to labor pool quality, labor pool availability will have to meet the growing needs of client programs. Therefore, the ideal location will have low contact center saturation rates to avoid escalating wages and employee attrition.

    3. Cost

    When outsourcing your contact center programs to offshore or nearshore destinations, a favorable cost structure is expected. The ideal outsourcing location will offer an attractive cost structure to ensure that your programs can be priced competitively. Cost considerations will include cost of living, cost of doing business and agent wage analyses. Also, ensuring that your outsourcing partner has negotiated the best real estate terms and economic incentives in the region will translate into further cost savings that can be passed along when pricing your programs.

    4. Country Risk

    As a final grouping of characteristics to examine, it is important to look at specific country risk. The ideal location will offer good political stability. Examining other multi-national companies located in the area is a good indicator of stability and a favorable business climate. Geographic risk (such as earthquakes, typhoons, etc.), is also an important consideration especially as it relates to business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Currency risk is another factor to consider. Locating in a country where you and your provider can manage and hedge against currency fluctuations will allow smoother operations when doing business in that area.

    Download our insight paper Ideal Contact Center Locations to get more detailed information on how to determine which countries and cities offer the best service delivery capabilities for your contact center business!

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