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  • Virtual Site Tour Video – It’s different at TELUS International Europe

    February 4, 2015

    By Gregoire Vigroux

    virtual site tour

    A few weeks ago, TELUS International launched the first Virtual Site Tour, featuring their operations in Central America (in case you missed it, here’s the link). In the same spirit of helping our prospective customers and team members “see” what we do, and how we’re different, we’ve just launched the second Virtual Site Tour video featuring our two main sites at TELUS International Europe – Bucharest and Sofia.

    In this video, we showcase the uniqueness of our people and our culture, including the beautiful countries in which we operate.

    Over the years TELUS International has been a leader in the development of innovative ideas to create a positive, productive environment for our team members. We have been trying to break the stereotype of a regular contact center by creating engaging, fun, functional spaces that fuel our culture of spirited teamwork and performance excellence.

    In the video, Madalina, our beautiful host and TELUS International Europe team member leads viewers through our operations floors, our colorful and creative training rooms, our recruitment center, language academy and more!  If you still have some doubts then you absolutely have to check out this video!

    Hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to live a comment and contact us!

    Gregoire Vigroux

    Gregoire Vigroux is Marketing Director for TELUS International Europe.





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