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  • The Top 6 Guiding Principles in Implementing Customer Service for Gamers

    The gaming industry is undergoing dramatic change as customer service becomes another battlefield for winning over players. Customer service is often a secondary concern for studios because development, design and launch of a game are the ones driving up the numbers.

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    Often viewed as a commodity, players have high expectations, but are often disappointed when it comes to customer service. Studios don’t realize that every touch-point is an opportunity to deliver an exceptional customer experience, stand out from the crowd by creating brand loyalty, improving games with real-time feedback and increasing a player’s lifetime-value, thus directly impacting the bottom line.

    As customer service becomes another battlefield for winning over players, we provide you the top 6 guiding principles in implementing customer support for gamers.

    1. Understand your player:

    Studios need to develop emotional connections with players and match gamers with like-minded customer service representatives. Staff your customer service team with gamers who are continually leveling-up in the game and are able to understand the needs of the players they support. Your customer support agents and your clients need to speak the same language in order to for both sides to get the most of the customer support interaction.

    2. Implement platform-specific service:

    Customer care needs to suit various types of players. Keep in mind that gamers are different. PC game players are often proud of their technical abilities and are more inclined to work with websites or download patches to fix their own problems. In contrast, console game players are convenience-driven and typically prefer having easy access to customer support. Free-to-play players are used to finding support in community forums or on the developer’s website. Customize your customer support in order to match the needs of the different types of players.

    3. Take the most of player feedback:

    Analyzing player feedback via customer support channels and funnelling it back to development teams ensures that games reflect the latest player demands. The result is increased player value, playtime, satisfaction, retention and ultimately increases their likelihood to recommend the game to friends.

    4. Ensure real-time, multichannel support:

    Many in the gaming community rely on peer-to-peer player support, but there is a real advantage to offering good customer service directly. Providing 24/7 multi-channel support via voice, email, online and social networks enables your players to interact with you whenever and however they want.

    5. Be present on social media:

    Social media presence also allows players to engage with developers in real time, in their preferred communication channel. For smaller game studios, it’s an effective way to reach a targeted and relevant audience to and increase their player base.

    6. Team up:

    Studios who don’t have the customer service expertise in-house should consider partnering with a contact center provider that does. The company then can focus on their core business, while their partner takes care of the player support infrastructure and delivery. These same providers can also scale up or down their personnel to suit the development and growth of the game.

    By implementing customer support for gamers you’ll maximize player lifetime value, improving the player experience, resulting in player retention and ultimately, player recommendations. Follow those guiding principles to enhance your own game plan for customer support and level up your business in the gaming industry.


    Al Rose, VP Retail and Internet Properties at TELUS International “How to Up your Game in Customer Service”

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