TELUS International and TELUS International Europe support communities around the world with the Day of Giving Initiative - TELUS International Europe

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  • TELUS International and TELUS International Europe support communities around the world with the Day of Giving Initiative

    According to recent article in Forbes, corporate social responsibility continues to emerge as a core cultural ethos where 94 percent of consumers want companies to evolve their business practices to make as positive an impact as possible. Corporate social responsibility initiatives are used by companies for the purpose of increasing employee engagement, motivation and employee satisfaction.

    TDOG3Commitment to corporate social responsibility is a top priority for TELUS International family. TELUS International’s culture has its roots in corporate social responsibility programs such as the TELUS Day of Giving when team members around the world donate their time and energy to build schools and homes and TELUS International Community Boards in the Philippines, El Salvador and Guatemala, which each donate $ 100 000 annually to local charities. TELUS International’s philosophy – we give where we live – is about TELUS International and our team members making a difference. We know that coming together as a team to help out local communities fosters a sense of team spirit and pride and rises team member engagement.

    Since its inception in 2006, TELUS Day of Giving has mobilized more than 79,000 Canadian team members, retirees, family and friends to volunteer at over 2,150 activities benefiting the communities where we live, work and serve. That adds up to more than 238,000 hours of painting, gardening, planting trees, landscaping, cooking, serving lunch, sorting cans of food and sewing, just to name a few activities!

    In 2013, TELUS Day of Giving took place on May 25, bringing together more than 14,000 volunteers at over 500 activities across Canada. Here’s a snap shot of the impact that TELUS International made:

    – 5,309 bags of waste collected from river valleys, parks, and fields

    – 31,891 meals prepared or served to the homeless and those in need

    – 213,945 pounds of food sorted at food banks

    – 9,171 trees and plants planted in parks and gardens

    – 10,500 Kits for Kids assembled to provide school supplies to students in inner city schools

    – 1,625 Comfort Kids assembled for the homeless

    – 230,463 breast cancer ribbons tied for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

    TELUS Day of Giving expands globally in the Philippines, El Salvador and Guatemala and this year in Bulgaria and Romania too.

    This year TELUS International Europe will be making its contribution by organizing Day of Giving in Bulgaria and Romania on September 14 and September 21 respectively. In Sofia our teams from Sofia and Plovdiv will be renovating, cleaning and painting the School for Blind Children Louis Braille while in Bucharest our Craiova and Bucharest teams will be refurbishing the Ciresarii orphanage. TELUS International Europe’s team is very excited and enthusiastic to participate in the initiative and make a difference in the communities where we live, work and serve.

    To learn more about why corporate social responsibility is becoming so important to the BPO industry and its clients download out insight paper: Business Process Outsourcing: An Industry with a Social Purpose

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