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  • Join our acts of good at the TELUS Days of Giving

    September 1, 2015

    By Desislava Rangelova


    Our TELUS Days of Giving are among the most important initiatives in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) calendar of TELUS International across the globe. We are now getting ready for the third edition of the TELUS Days of Giving in Sofia, which is just around the corner on September 5th. Our friends from the Louis Braille School in Sofia for visually impaired children are awaiting us for a third consecutive year, traditionally just before their school starts.

    We are going back to the school to finish what we started three years ago. This year we plan to finish the repair works from last year and further improve the conditions where more than 200 children live and study.

    Acts of good in 2013

    We held our first TELUS Days of Giving in Bulgaria back in the summer of 2013 in cooperation with the I Can Too Foundation in the Louis Braille School in Sofia. Among the refurbishing activities were:  painting, cleaning, building relaxation areas, reconstructing the school playground, beautifying the specialized sensor garden, and more. More than 350 team members from our sites in Sofia and Plovdiv and members from the I Can Too Foundation lend their hands, hearts and minds to support the children in our community.

    Acts of good in 2014

    In 2014, we went back to the Louis Braille School in Sofia aiming to make the school even a better place for the children to live and study. The main goal of the TELUS Days of Giving in 2014 was to refurbish the dormitory of the school: plastering and painting, repairing the wiring, replacing the floors, lightning, blinds, bedding and other supplies in the rooms, mowing lawns and preparing the special sensory garden for the winter season. Five hundred of our team members participated in the initiative, the total investment for which amounted to 35 000 EUR.

    Locals, friends and family of our team members from Sofia and Plovdiv accomplished a great deal on that day. In 2014 the children from the Louis Braille School started the new school year with excitement about their renovated living and studying facilities. We know that this year we’ll do great things together!

    We believe that people at TELUS International Europe have the power to change lives and improve the environment around us. Initiatives like the TELUS Days of Giving connect us to each other, our communities, and really drive our culture forward.

    Join us on September 5

    So, save the date, September 5th at the Louis Braille School in Sofia for visually impaired children. We know you’ll be there!


    Desislava Rangelova is a Brand, CSR and PR Manager at TELUS International Europe








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