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  • Five Ways Customer Service Leaders Can Engage Millennial Employees

    December 5 2013

    Marilyn Tyfting, Vice-President of Human Resources at TELUS International, recently shared insights on the topic of how customer service organizations can retain and engage millennial employees. The article is based on research reported in the whitepaper Unleashing Gen Y Potential in Customer Service.

    Employees between the ages of 22 and 33 years old typically make up over 80 percent of the workforce at customer service organizations.

    Therefore, progressive customer service organizations are already making changes to the way they interact with a new generation – Millennials, who are not just their customers, but are also their employees. Here are five ways customer service organizations are adapting their workplaces to better meet the needs of Millennial employees:

    Gen Y Characteristics

    Gen Y Characteristics

    Practice 1: Shift Communication to Internal Social Networks

    Gen Y prefers communicating through text message and various forms of social media. Companies need to be careful about what they communicate to Millennials, who are often quick to share via social media and discuss with friends. To make corporate messages stick, and to ensure security, progressive contact centers are adopting internal social networks.

    Practice 2: Offer More Flexible Career Options

    Millennials want more control and flexibility in their careers than previous generations. People as young as 25 years old are doing consulting and freelance work so they can have a flexible lifestyle. Companies can develop a flexible culture in a number of ways including transparent decision-making, independent shift swapping, self-assessment and personal control of learning and development.

    To learn the other best practices for engaging millennial employees read the full article available on TELUS International blog.

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