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  • TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS Celebrated Spirited Teamwork at the Annual Teambuilding Event

    What do ninjas, pigs, titans, batman and a soiree have in common? Nothing? Think TELUS International Europe style. What unite them are the members of TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS who epitomized the spirit of those creatures at the annual admin teambuilding of the company. The event took place in the old town of Tryavna, situated in the north slopes of the Balkan range in central Bulgaria. All admin TELUS International Europe from Sofia, Plovdiv, Bucharest and Craiova gathered together on June 21 in the town of Tryavna for the annual administration teambuilding, where their teamwork, intellect, creativity and initiative were tested.

    An Adventure to Remember

    Grouped into 8 teams, 160 TELUS International Europe rocked the town of Tryavna and the forest of Stara Planina in a 4 hour adventure. TELUS International Europe’s corporate values of agile thinking, spirited teamwork and caring culture embraced by the admin teams helped them overcome each of the 8 challenges in the game called HELIOS.Teambuilding 2

    We Rocked the Town

    teambuildingThe first four challenges took place in the center of Tryavna. Music Idol, Summer Contest, Tree of Wisdom and Photo Fragment were the challenges requiring the teams to do some singing in Romanian and Bulgarian, souvenir shopping with a tight budget, solving 3D puzzles and taking photos of beautiful landscapes. Running around the town armed with a map and competitive spirit TELUS International Europe’s employees had lots of fun, felt the authenticity of the old Bulgarian town and the goodwill of the locals.

    and the Forest

    The other four challenges took place in the magnificent forest of the mountain Stara Planina. There the teams enjoyed the beautiful landscape and fresh air while building Leonardo’s Bridge, Helios Tower, overcoming Labyrinth and walking on ropes in the Forest Acrobat challenge. These challenges tested the team’s analytical thinking, trust, communication and support for each other.teambuilding 3




    What Really Matters is…

    At the end of the day, it wasn’t important who was first, second, or last it was all about proving that we are able not only to work together in the office, but transfer that team spirit and put it to the test in unknown environment at extreme circumstances. We celebrated teamwork, cooperation and diversity as one cohesive unit of friends who work together not as ordinary coworkers at a company.
    teambuilding 4


    Beautiful fireworks, flying lanterns, and a fabulous party marked the end of the memorable event. Matching the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year, June 21 will be remembered as the day when 160 spirited Romanian and Bulgarian friends had lots of fun, lots of sun and lots of spirited teamwork.teambuilding 5

    Thank you TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS for organizing the event. It was a recharger for all of us. We are all looking forward to the 2014 Annual Admin Teambuilding.


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