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  • Agents Awarded for Outstanding Performance

    Last week the president of TELUS International, Jeffrey Puritt, awarded the best agents at TELUS International Europe with special diplomas for outstanding performance. Mr. Puritt visited both Sofia and Bucharest to personally congratulate the agents for the excellent results achieved by delivering exceptional service to our clients.

    Jeffrey awarding agentThe best agent in each project was awarded with special certificate in either of the following categories: change focus, team focus or innovation focus. Congratulations to the best agents in Bulgaria: Elitsa Eremieva, Vrezh Sekayan, Tsvetelina Atanasova, Steliana Traykova, Ekaterina Ganeva, Michaela Hadzhieva, Ivan Gospodinov, Silvia Genova, Robert Vartanian, Iva Varbanova, Vyara Yordanova, Venko Zhivkov. Congratulations to the best agents in Romania as well: Mihaela Breahna, Sorina Dinca, Elena Roxana Petre, Rebecca Spack, Alina Breahna, Alina Unchiasu, Bogdan Toma, Bogdan Sandu. Those agents show an aptitude for initiative, flexibility, resilience, managing, leadership, creative thinking and risk taking. The awarded agents in Bulgaria and Romania serve as an example not only of our professionalism in customer care, but also of our friendly and cooperative work environment by inspiring, motivating and helping their teammates.

    Sorina DINCA

    Our agents both in Romania and Bulgaria have a native talent for speaking foreign languages fluently. Their skill, together with a strong work ethic and friendly approach to customer care deserve to be acknowledged by the team and rewarded with a symbol of appreciation. Our agents exemplify our corporate culture build on the principles of agile thinking, spirited teamwork and caring culture for enabling customer experience innovation.

    TELUS International Europe thanks to all its agents for contributing with their hard and diligent work for establishing the company among the leading multilingual BPOs and call center hubs in Europe.

    TELUS International Europe proudly became member of TELUS International family in 2012 and thus positioned itself not only as a European but a global leader in the outsourcing industry.

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