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  • Integrate Live Chat with CRM for a Smoother Customer Journey

    January 27, 2016

    By Gemma Baker

    shutterstock_118407736Note: This is a guest post by Gemma Baker, Marketing Executive at Click4Assistance

    Many businesses today rely heavily on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for overseeing and analysing customer engagements throughout the customer experience lifecycle. Whether by phone, email or chat the details of the communication can be stored in customers’ records, allowing representatives to access information when they need to look at previous interactions. Still, representatives need to add their phone call notes manually into the CRM system, while chats and emails can be injected automatically.

    Access CRM data in chat for consistent service

    Simple enquiries will mean that representatives may not have to look back on previous conversations, if they are one off questions like pricing, status of an order or their stock levels; another visitor may have had contact previously and are looking for something a little more complex. Knowing the previous interactions the customer representatives can manage how to best help customers without having to re-ask basic questions to get an understanding of the visitor’s requirements and can even refer the original operator for consistency.

    CRM software can be integrated with live chat so the information can be accessed and the same level of customer service is delivered, whilst the operator is able to ask delicately the questions they need to be able to complete the CRM record; name, company name, contact details, even how they found the company.

    Build relationships and upsell with live chat

    With business representatives able to build up a profile of the customer and gain insights on their requirements, there are opportunities for representatives to upsell. Perhaps a customer hasn’t considered a different model, which will work better for them or a product that will work great with what they have; the operator will be able to suggest the right options.

    By personalizing the chat information from the CRM records, representatives can keep their level of customer service to a high standard and build up a relationship to keep customers returning. Representatives can ask how the customer found his previous purchase from them, if they have a slight grumble, customers can offer suggestions to make the product work better or representatives can offer discounts for the next purchase. Thus, the customer will feel valued and the issue resolved.

    Integrating live chat software and CRM systems

    A good live chat software provider will offer integration with one or two of the best known CRM systems in the world, like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. However, a great live chat software provider will have a way of integrating with the majority of CRM systems available. If the provider can’t offer integration, he should provide a tailored service to ensure their live chat software integrates with the chosen CRM system in order to make processes as simple as possible for both the customer service agents and the customers.

    About the Author

    Gemma-Baker_avatar_1450129440-100x100Gemma Baker is the Marketing Executive for Click4Assistance, UKs leading live chat software provider. Through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) the Click4Assistance software integrates with the majority of CRM systems for a smoother customer journey.

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