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  • Infographic: Why Outsource your Business in Bulgaria?

    Companies are no longer questioning “why” or “what” they should outsource, but “where.” They are aiming at destinations where they can take advantage of outsourcing while at the same time minimize the inherent business risks of such initiatives. The optimum combination of capabilities that companies look for in a potential destination include: best talent, cost structure, infrastructure, etc. offered at minimum risk.

    But with many countries now jumping on the outsourcing arena, choosing the right outsourcing destination becomes quite a challenge and though decision to make.

    This infographic gives detailed overview of Bulgaria’s capabilities and experience as outsourcing destination.

    Download the FREE infographic and find out about Bulgaria’s mix of

    – multilingual talent pool
    – competitive operational costs
    – cultural proximity
    – expertise in the outsourcing industry
    – and more

    positioning the country among the best outsourcing destinations in Europe.

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