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  • How to measure the success of social media customer support programs?

    Customer service organizations are being pushed into social care by savvy customers who are already asking questions on social networks and expecting responses. These customers are getting faster responses to their issues through social channels than the traditional contact center because companies don’t want to appear unresponsive in public forums. Almost all organizations, however, struggle with measuring the impact of social customer service on important business metrics.

    What is the ROI of social care?

    The purpose of an effective metrics framework is to ensure that the social care program is achieving its business goals and objectives. Metrics should ensure personnel are achieving their potential and that operations are efficient. Traditional social media metrics, such as “likes” and “followers,” are good for measuring top-of-the-funnel activities but will not necessarily correlate to a successful social care program grounded in business goals.

    Since social care is a new contact channel in a multi-channel service strategy, the key performance indicators should complement established contact center metrics. In our whitepaper “Measuring Social Customer Service in the Contact Center” we divide social care metrics into three categories:

    – Service measures

    – Quality measures

    – Effectiveness measures

    In this whitepaper we outline the essential components for measuring ROI, including revenue generation, cost avoidance and total program costs providing a fundamental framework. Your organization can use the guidance presented in this paper to create customized metrics for your unique situation.

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