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  • Google and TELUS Share Insights on the Role of Culture in Leveraging BPO Partnerships and Customer Service

    At one of the most influential industry events, the Call Center Week held in Las Vegas, June 10-14, our colleagues from TELUS International made a joint presentation with our client Google.

    Jeffrey Puritt, President of TELUS International, and Peter “Scotch” Scocimara, Director of Enterprise Support for Google Apps, presented valuable insights on the topic: The Role of Culture in Delivering World-Class Customer Service.


    In front of an audience of approximately 600 people, Puritt and Scocimara showcased why cultural alignment matters in both customer service delivery and selecting customer service partners.

    What is the “right” corporate culture?

    Major point that Puritt made was that now corporate culture gives competitive advantage among companies providing similar service. However, there is no one size fits all for creating great company culture. Still, according both Puritt and Scocimara, the right culture is the one that focuses on what matters most to the organization and its people.

    The “Value of Values”

    The representatives of Google and TELUS International explained “the value of values” in retaining and motivating the best people to deliver excellent customer service. Both TELUS International and Google share similar values and beliefs that are communicated in their teams on regular basis. For them those values are the building blocks for a great customer-service culture. “Work as a family” (Google) and “Spirited Teamwork” (TELUS) stand for treating one another as family members and working as a community not just a company. “Culture of Learning” (Google) and “Agile Thinking” (TELUS) stands for investing in the personal and professional development of people to stimulate innovation. “Innovate for Big Impact” (Google) and “Caring Culture” (TELUS) means having higher purpose and making an impact that will change the world.

    Test Your Corporate Culture

    But how do you know whether culture really works and has an impact on your business results? “A true test of a strong culture is the extent to which it influences the actions of your frontline – in other words, how your frontline team members, or in our case, agents, interact with customers” says Puritt.

    The Importance of Culture Compatibility in BPO partnerships

    For more than 2 years TELUS International has been a contact center provider for Google. What made the partnership successful and beneficial for both sides are the aligned cultures of the companies. Scocimara describes the importance of cultural compatibility in BPO partnership as follows:

    “So when it comes to choosing our partners, culture also plays a big role in what we look for in a customer service provider. I’m here today with Jeff and TELUS International because we have a partnership based on aligned cultures. We have a shared value system which makes doing business and providing great customer service so much easier –from the C-level to the operations –even to the case level.”

    Both, TELUS International and Google believe that creating strong corporate culture that resonates with employees’ and the organization’s values would result in exceptional customer service.

    Google Advises

    – examine your own corporate culture to make sure that your culture is well aligned to your strategy;

    – define key principles that your own people can embody in everything that they do;

    – your cultural values should extend well beyond that to the partners you choose and the relationships you build with them.

    Remember it doesn’t mean that you have to aspire to have a culture like Google or TELUS International in order to have excellent customer service. Think of those as two examples. As Scocimara from Google advices: “It’s about finding what works for your organization and the partners you choose to work with.”

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