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  • For game gurus: Quality is a game changer and it really is possible to be bug free!

    August 26, 2015

    By Yana Balnikova – Harizanova

    game gurus

    You better than anyone else know that game quality is everything!Video games are complex and difficult to design and test no matter whether you are developing AAA game or the next Flappy Bird. You also (probably painfully) know that ensuring sufficient pre-release functional testing is a humongous challenge. Incomplete test often leads to some failures, errors, or bugs being present in any game with the potential to negatively impact player experience.

    Get some quality testing before your bugs become trending in community forums

    We at TELUS International get that QA testing is crucial for your company and player experience. We also know that in times of need finding qualified resources on time is close to impossible.

    Our goal is to help you find and fix those bugs (whether it’s functional testing or localization QA testing) before they end up as trending issues in community forums.

    Since 2005, TELUS International has supported the needs of games industry supporting all platforms and business models – from console, to mobile, to social, to MMO – from F2P to P2P – we’ve done it.

    We know what it’s like when a game “takes off” – and we love going along for the ride!

    Our games clients are some of the largest in the world, including award-winning developers, publishers and studios. We’ve watched them flourish and grow from a handful of agents to thousands in a span of only a few years. We know what it’s like when a game “takes off” – and we love going along for the ride!

    Why? Because we know the challenges in games testing…

    – Complex games with countless gameplay situations

    – Millions of players expecting outstanding quality and exiting game experience with every update

    – Tremendous real time multiplayer game load

    – Billing accuracy crucial for game success

    – Delivering high quality with minimum time to market

    …and we know how to meet them

    Our games solutions provide the processes, people and technology to support your exploding games communities. In a nutshell, here’s what we offer:

    – General Services

    – Functional Testing

    – Black-box and White-box Testing

    – Regression Testing

    – End to End Testing (System Testing)

    – Specialized Services

    – UX and UI Testing

    – Performance Testing – Load/Stress/Volume

    – Compatibility Testing

    – Localization Testing

    – Integration Testing

    – Beta Testing

    We’re always looking to innovate with the right partners

    We carefully select our technology partners to add value to our clients’ support programs. Whether it’s enabling technologies for multilingual chat customer service (using Ortsbo); driving agent efficiency with cloud-based solutions (using Dizzion); reporting business results beyond service level metrics (using QlikView); and/or leveraging translation and project management technology specific to the games industry (using SDL Trados Group Share and LTC Worx respectively) – our contact centers are optimized for scalable, multilingual player support, testing and localization.

    For our quality assurance testing services we partner with a company with proven expertise in QA testing with availability of skilled and experienced resources. The company is a leader in the Software QA testing with a practice since 2004 in QA testing experience in full project life-cycle. Our partner’s staff is 100% ISTQB certified with their own Mobile Testing platform. A company with culture and attitude that fit ours and those of our games clients.

    What about Automation?

    – We can automate applications on both Android and iOS

    – We can test automatically application interactions with OS

    – We can automate device interactions with surrounding world (Location, Acceleration, Magnetic Field, Orientation, SMS, Calls,…), thus testing mobile applications as mobile

    – We can simulate any gesture with up to 16 fingers ( :)) ) on Android device

    – We use tools for automation:

          – Mobile tools: Atmosphere, Appium, Selendroid, Perfecto Mobile, Robotium,…

          – Performance: LoadRunner, Rational Performance Tester, jMeter, SoapUI, LoadUI,…

    Got your interest?

    Let’s talk about game QA testing! Go bug free by clicking here!


    Yana Balnikova – Harizanova is Director Transition and Transformation at TELUS International Europe




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In addition to our Six Sigma focus, our commitment to best practices includes ITIL V3 compliance and ISO 20000:2011 certification.

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