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Community center “Prosveta – 1931”

The problem of rural depopulation is too painful for the whole country. From year to year the inhabitants decrease and many villages are wiped out from the map of Bulgaria. The villages become deserted and with them will gradually forget and erase the rich cultural heritage and spirituality that is reserved in the most authentic appearance namely there. Therefore, our project “Take me to the village” is connected with the village and the elderly.

“Adoptive” grandparents of the villages voluntarily accept young people /”borrowed grandchildren”/ who live some time with them and help them in their daily care in the household animals, vegetable and fruit gardens, to prepare winter supplies and so on. The older people pass on wisdom, knowledge and experience stored by generations; they pass on traditions, customs and culture, crafts, culinary heritage, folklore, folk customs. Within the initiative “Take me to the village” participants are immersed in an authentic environment and touching to the heart of the most valuable and traditionally Bulgarian virtues.

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