Interview with Kristina Petrova - TELUS International Europe
  • Interview with Kristina Petrova

    48-DSC_43401. When did you start working at TELUS International Europe and what was your first position/project?

    I started my journey with TELUS International Europe more than six years ago. At that time, I was still a student and it was a great opportunity for me to study and work at the same time. My first position was an agent using German, on one of the company’s outbound projects. I was able not only to practice, but also to improve my language skills.

    2. What’s your career path within the company?

    A few months after I started working at TELUS International Europe I moved onto a Customer Service project in German. In November 2008, after a review of my personal progress, I was promoted to the position of Assistant Supervisor for the team. Two years later, I got the chance to the Team Leader of the German Customer Service team and to be responsible for more than 45 people.

    In September 2011, I had the great opportunity to become part of the TELUS International Europe Operations Department and I joined the team as Operations Specialist. One and a half years later I was promoted to Junior Operations Manager and, along with the Operations Director, I am responsible for the company’s daily operations.

    3. What makes TELUS International Europe different from its competitors?

    TELUS International Europe is now a member of the big TELUS International global family and offers its employees many different opportunities.
    The company management recognizes the employees as one of its main assets and as the face of the business. The employees’ motivation and the improvement of their skills through different training and programs are the main priorities, because only well trained and highly motivated team members can make the customers happy.

    The company’s caring culture and the philosophy “We give where we live” makes TELUS International Europe really different from its competitors. The commitment to invest in the employees and to work together as a team in order to help the community in which we live fosters a sense of team spirit and makes for a great working atmosphere.

    4. For you, what does “customer first” mean? (As you know, this is one of TI’s main values.)

    Putting Customers first and making our Customers happy is the fundamental goal of TELUS International Europe and spirited team-work is the best way of achieving it. The company enables its employees to give their best, professionally and personally, and encourages them to work together as a team.

    5. What would you say to a candidate to convince him/her to join our team?

    We would be glad to have you as part of our big family .

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Zusätzlich zum Six Sigma-Fokus beinhaltet unser Engagement für Best Practices ITIL V3-Regelbefolgung und ISO 20000:2011-Zertifizierung.

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"Für mich bedeutet die Arbeit bei TELUS International zu helfen. Ich helfe anderen Menschen in meiner Sprache und spreche auch ihre Sprache - das erlaubt mir auch im Ausland zu leben. Somit habe ich das Gesamtpaket!"