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  • 3 quick wins to boost your fraud management team’s efficiency

    December 15, 2015

    By Julien Marcenac

    3The year-end and respectively the holiday season is undoubtedly the most complex period for fraud management teams. The challenges are many: increased volume to control, short processing deadlines, inexperienced new staff, and respectively bigger threat because fraudsters are aware of the troubles that may occur.

    In such a situation the experience of a specialized partner proves to be a crucial asset having the potential to turn this turbulent time into a commercial success! Here are three best practices derived from our own experience that will help you maximize your efficiency, and operate safely this holiday season.

    1. Implement immediate validation of orders signaling a genuine customer

    Add a separate step in the process, and appoint a “gatekeeper”. His only function is to sort alerts depending on the presence or absence of positive criteria representing a legitimate customer. It is essential that this person does not do any additional research. Thus, the volume of alerts to analyze will significantly decrease. A list of five to ten positive signals can be quickly formed based on the experience of your fraud analysts.

    2. Optimize the work environment to maximize efficacy

    The investigation phase requires navigating through several internal and external systems. Regularly take the time to ensure that the systems used are working properly, both in terms of relevance of data and speed of page display. In the event of underperformance the analyst must be able to immediately escalate the issue to the right person. In that regard adding a second screen at the workstations of your fraud team is key. The few seconds saved on each analyzed command can quickly turn into hours.

    3. For clearing out any doubts call the customer immediately

    Asking for supporting document (ID, proof of address, etc) must be used only as a last resort. Indeed, this generates very negative impacts: first, customers are less and less motivated to go through this long and tedious process; secondly, it increases the volume of small non-value-added activities that are time consuming. Therefore, it is best to try to contact the customer directly on the phone and challenge him with some questions to validate the order. This approach proves to be very well received by the customer.




    Still, manual review remains a key component in fraud management regardless of industry. The dynamics in the sector, however, have been putting a lot of pressure on fraud management teams. Today, fraud management needs to be rebuild and there is no silver bullet for it. Rather, as in any business process, a good design is a must to make operations work efficiently.

    Our fraud management team at TELUS International Europe consists of 150 team members working on alerts analysis, chargeback management, KYC / Customer Due Diligence, data analysis, and other activities related to risk management and fraud in the e-Commerce, financial services and telecom sector.


    Julien Marcenac, Head of Risk & Fraud Management Solutions




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