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  • Four customer service tactics to unlock value in the games industry

    July 9, 2014

    customer service games industry

    In an industry where reputation is everything, this is where customer service can be a real game-changer in the games industry. Through strategic planning and investment in analytical and support tools, studios can create an opportunity for highly personalized, engaging player service experiences that will “bond” consumers to the brand.

    Unlocking value with analytics

    As the value of data mining becomes table stakes for game developers, it will be important to avoid the pitfall faced by many organizations – having customer information stored in multiple data repositories. When organized well, this data represents a goldmine of information that can be used to design different customer-focused support opportunities. Studios will benefit most from a centralized player data repository that is universally accessible. This data has the potential to elevate customer service delivery from a level of basic customer support to a high-quality, very personalized, customer experience.

    To assist, many studios are partnering with third-party customer service providers that can enhance their business processes through the use of player analytics and performance optimization applications. By embedding analytics in every step of a high value player’s life cycle, studios are better-equipped to predict the player’s behavior. When player behavior becomes more predictable, sales, satisfaction and revenue are all positively impacted.

    Unlocking value with skill-based routing

    The concept of skill-based routing is simple. In a micro-transaction support setting, a high-value customer (one who meets pre-determined criteria) can be serviced by a higher-skilled game specialist who is capable of providing both customer service support and sales assistance.

    Additionally, providing a richer support service by customizing the support professional’s skills to specific product sets, and routing players based upon purchase history or the nature of the inquiry has proven to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. This approach is easily undertaken by building tools that will adjust to and account for demographic variables such as player behavior history, gender, geography, language, and credit history.

    Unlocking value by communicating in the right channels

    When developing a customer service program, it is critical to know how your players prefer to interact with you. Their communication channel of choice may vary depending on socio-demographics, time of day, location, availability of technology and so on. It’s also important to allow players to initiate an interaction in one communication channel and continue it in another – for example, moving from a request on Twitter to a more private discussion via online chat.

    Unlocking value with dynamic sales

    Creating predictive models, centralizing customer databases, and linking them to inbound channels requires solutions that work across disparate systems. The effort to make these connections happen will provide a significant return in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and revenue generation.

    Studios no longer need to disrupt player support experiences with inappropriate sales offers or risk offending players for the chance to create new revenue streams. Dynamic selling is well within the reach of every customer service delivery center that wants to leverage these essential strategies to stay competitive and profitable.

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