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  • Customer Experience Innovation in Ecommerce: 3 Big Shifts Underway

    April 30, 2014

    customer experience innovation

    Customer experience innovation is now a game changer in the rapidly growing Ecommerce industry. The 3 big trends underway – Generation Y, chat and social media, and corporate culture – will largely impact customer service in Ecommerce in the near future.  Check out the trends and practices presented below to prepare your customer service to deliver exceptional customer interactions.

    1. Generation Y – the next big customer service wave

    No doubt that Generation Y, those born between 1980 and 2000, is changing the business landscape of the Ecommerce customer service. Generation Y world population is just over 2.4 billion people and what is more important by 2017 they will have more spending power than any other generation.

    a. Generation Y spending is almost $200 billion (153 billion EUR) / year

    b. By 2017, Generation Y will have more spending power than any other generation

    So how do you deliver customer experience innovation to that group?

    – Customize & personalize – Generation Y is Internet savvy and will only seek out information that is relevant to them. Therefore, personalize their experience with information that is relevant to them to gain their loyalty.

    – Be accessible & fast – be available in the right channels, at the right hours, with the right response times.  Customer service is evolving as customers demand 24/7 support and they expect it anytime, anywhere and from any device…

    *Phone – 25%; Email – 40%; Live chat 45% Social Media – 31%; Discussion  – 24%;

    Adapting your customer service to the expectations, channels and values of your customers will genuinely help them innovate, versus just keep the machine cranking.

    – Sharing and Visualization – use video and images when possible to make it easy for them to share experiences.

    – Extend the experience – influence their future spending now by cross-training customer service agents with sales skills to offer promotions and incentives to come back.

    2. Chat & social media – companies need to be accessible

    Reduce customer effort by using proactive chat (such as a pop-up chat window), which makes it easier for customers to interact and get the information they need with limited effort. Also, focus on developing the softer agent skills by constructing a conversation flow that consists of the right voice, tone and personalization. Availability on social channels and growing social media customer support programs will remain a key objective for organizations.

    3. Culture holds the key – brands need to stand out from the crowd

    Companies that deliver the best customer service and customer experience innovation tend to have the following internal tactics in play:

    – Build a community not just a company – happy, engaged customer service representatives will result in happy customers.

    – Be social – create a social atmosphere that encourages your customer service team to “work socially” to better connect with each other and with customers.

    – Corporate social responsibility Both consumers and employees (especially Generation Y) want companies to stand out for something – to have meaning. Therefore, CSR is becoming more of a strategic advantage as organizations look to align themselves with partners that embrace good corporate citizenship.

    Download the infographic version of the article Shaping the Next Generation of Customer Experience Innovation in Ecommerce below.


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