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  • How to calculate contact center attrition?

    December 18 2013

    Calculating AttritionA Recommendation for Outsourced Contact Centers

    Calculating contact center attrition is complex. What is more important, contact center attrition is especially relevant for outsourced contact centers as this metric is indicative of operational performance. Therefore, having a clear definition and up to date results is crucial.

    Make a Clear Definition for Attrition

    It is often difficult for organizations to compare attrition data provided by different service providers due to a lack of visibility into what is included in each set of calculations.

    Since a truly standard approach for calculating attrition still does not exist define what you mean by attrition and stick to it.

    The Contact Center Attrition Formula

    The attrition formula essentially is composed of two components: the changes to a population size (the numerator) divided by the total population for a specific period of time (the denominator).

    In order to arrive at each component, it is necessary to pin down a consistent method that reflects the realities of the customer service operation.

    To assess the level of change, each customer service organization must determine its priorities in terms of insight into their staff. This is where it’s important to assess the relevance of voluntary vs. involuntary separation, level of tenure, staff changes during training period etc.

    Tracking contact center attrition on monthly basis and capturing the ongoing staff alignment activities, resulting in non-voluntary resigns is vital. To accommodate these, the following definition hones in on the specific needs of the contact center outsourcing space:

    Attrition Formula

    This standard definition allows for the flexibility to target different employee populations, whether by geography, role, tenure, skill sets, process complexity or client campaign.

    A Common Point of Reference

    With the definition above serving as a common point of reference, the clients of contact center outsourcing services can better normalize information provided by their partners in the market. The ability to clearly discuss the components of a contact center attrition calculation and mutually understand the definition enhances the ability to look not only at the final numbers, but to better understand the impact of the individual components involved.

    Note: This article is based on research conducted by Everest Group with the sponsorship of TELUS International. More from this research you can find in the whitepaper Defining and Discussing Contact Center Attrition

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