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    • In the global war for talent, CSR goes from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’

      Discover how a well-executed corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy can help attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive human capital market.

      Spreading the Christmas spirit in Romania and Bulgaria

      Under the motto “Give. Make it count.”, and a continuation of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for Christmas, our team members in Romania and Bulgaria rolled up their sleeves to spread the Christmas spirit to those in need.

      Six ways to make CSR programs a key factor for high employee engagement

      CSR may be employed to contribute to maintaining high engagement among Gen Y talent. Why does CSR relate so well to Gen Y?

      TELUS Days of Giving in Europe in 2015 – 4 Days of Giving, over 1000 volunteers and over €100,000 invested

      The TELUS Days of Giving are not only the most impactful, but also the most awaited and inspiring events in our Corporate Social Responsibility calendar. We know that our team members want to be part of something bigger. Therefore, through the TELUS Days of Giving we give them the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities.

      Join our acts of good at the TELUS Days of Giving

      Our TELUS Days of Giving are among the most important initiatives in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) calendar of TELUS International across the globe. We are now getting ready for the third edition of the TELUS Days of Giving in Sofia, which is just around the corner on September 5th. Our friends from the Louis Braille School in Sofia for visually impaired children are awaiting us for a third consecutive year, traditionally just before their school starts.

      More than 350 TELUS International Europe volunteers renovated a school in Bucharest

      From North America, to Central America, from Asia to Europe, our TELUS Days of Giving continue to inspire our team members to “give where we live” across the globe. This year, we held our annual TELUS Day of Giving in Bucharest on Saturday, June 6th at the 136 School located in the Ferentari area of Bucharest. With a total budget of 30,000 EUR, 350 team members, partners we gave our hearts and hands on that day to positively affect the lives of 400 children attending classes at this school.

      Proudly launching the TELUS International Europe Community Board to support charities in Bulgaria and Romania

      At TELUS International Europe we are pleased to announce the launch of the TELUS International Europe (TIE) Community Board on June 2nd in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Board has brought together community leaders and TIE team members to make decisions on where our help will bring about the most positive influence. After all, as the company grows, we have a responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and it is best to concentrate our efforts in a way that they would bring about the most good.

      TELUS Day of Giving in Romania wins Best CSR Initiative of 2015

      At TELUS International Europe, corporate social responsibility isn't just a fad. We live and breathe the philosophy of improving a world that really needs people to care for each other more than ever before. On May 26th, 2015, we at TELUS International Europe were awarded the "Best CSR Initiative" award for our TELUS Day of Giving at the first annual Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence.

      TELUS International Europe won the prestigious Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum award for Engagement 2014

      On February 25th, 2015, at the 12th Responsible Business Awards of BBLF, TELUS International Europe won the Special Engagement Award. An independent jury of 12 respected experts from various sectors chose our TELUS Day of Giving initiative in Bulgaria among 77 other projects of other socially responsible companies.

      How TELUS International engages and motivates employees through volunteering programs

      Activities like the TELUS Day of Giving connect us to each other, our communities, and really drive our culture forward. The TELUS Day of Giving is a global campaign which gives TELUS and TELUS International employees the opportunity to give back to the communities in which they live, work and serve by volunteering their time in support of community projects.

      TELUS Day of Giving in action – we give back to the communities in Europe

      This year the magic of the TELUS Day of Giving reached Bulgaria on August 30 and Romania on September 27. Over 500 TELUS International Europe team members from our Bulgarian sites came together to support the Louis Braille School for visually impaired children in Sofia, and over 300 team member from our Romanian sites supported the “Pinocchio” Center for Social Services in Bucharest.

      TELUS Day of Giving is coming up in Europe

      As summer approaches its end we at TELUS International Europe associate this time of the year with the opportunity to bring social change by giving back to our communities. Our TELUS Day of Giving in Europe is coming up in support of our “we give where we live” philosophy.

      The Rising Trend in BPO: Outsourcing for Social Good

      Now BPO providers have to go beyond client’s expectations in order to stay competitive. The DNA of the emerging model for the BPO industry is based on the value of a caring culture. Progressive BPOs are increasingly mobilizing employees to volunteer in their communities by supporting basic needs.

      TELUS International Europe Wins Corporate Social Responsibility Acknowledgment for the TELUS Day of Giving Initiative

      CallPoint powered by TELUS was honored with the prestigious acknowledgement for Price Social Responsibility by the French-Romanian chamber of commerce (CCIFER) on its annual gala on November 29 in Bucharest, Romania. It is an honor for us to be given this recognition by one of the most important business associations in Romania.

      TELUS International Philippines Team Members Lend a Hand After Historic Typhoon

      A key part of TELUS International’s global operations are based in the Philippines, in the city of Manila. Like everyone else around the world, we have been devastated by the news of Typhoon Haiyan, which caused unprecedented destruction in many parts of the Philippines island chain.

      TELUS International Europe Launches Internal TV Channel

      TELUS International Europe is adding an incredible new twist to its work environment. Across its offices in Bulgaria and Romania, TELUS International Europe will be broadcasting its own TV channel, TELUS International Europe TV, on the 42-inch HD screens located in the offices’ open and relaxation spaces.

      Our Commitment to Caring Culture Brings Positive Change in Bulgaria and Romania with TELUS Day of Giving

      The world is changing faster than ever before as the population has been growing exponentially and the impact of our actions is felt not only stronger, but also in more and various ways. Populations’ footprint and irreversible impact has various implications for businesses in terms of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies as businesses possess not only the human, but also financial capital to be at the forefront of initiating and delivering socially responsible activities.

      TELUS International and TELUS International Europe support communities around the world with the Day of Giving Initiative

      According to recent article in Forbes, corporate social responsibility continues to emerge as a core cultural ethos where 94 percent of consumers want companies to evolve their business practices to make as positive an impact as possible. Corporate social responsibility initiatives are used by companies for the purpose of increasing employee engagement, motivation and employee satisfaction.

      Business Process Outsourcing: An Industry with a Social Purpose

      The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry was born out of a desire to cut operating costs. However, the industry is changing considerably. Today, progressive BPOs are focused on creating an exceptional customer experience while delivering top-line value to their clients in a way that also addresses social inequities in the countries where they operate.

      Infographic: Shaping the Next Generation of Customer Experience: Insights & Trends in E-commerce

      Customer experience innovation is now a game changer in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry. The 3 big trends underway – generation Y, chat and social media, and corporate culture – will largely impact the e-commerce customer service in the coming years.

      TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS Celebrated Spirited Teamwork at the Annual Teambuilding Event

      What do ninjas, pigs, titans, batman and a soiree have in common? Nothing? Think TELUS International Europe style. What unite them are the members of TELUS International Europe powered by TELUS who epitomized the spirit of those creatures at the annual admin teambuilding of the company. The event took place in the old town of Tryavna, situated in the north slopes of the Balkan range in central Bulgaria. All admin TELUS International Europe from Sofia, Plovdiv, Bucharest and Craiova gathered together on June 21 in the town of Tryavna for the annual administration teambuilding, where their teamwork, intellect, creativity and initiative were tested.

      How Culture Can Improve Customer Service

      Corporate culture is currently more and more viewed as a crucial factor for employee’s performance, satisfaction and turnover, thus affecting the quality of customer experience. In regard to the importance of corporate culture we want to point your attention to an article written by Carolyn Crews, senior vice-president at our partners TELUS International. The article was originally published on customer Think blog and gives insights and best practices on the “right” corporate culture.

      TELUS International Europe’s Partnership with the Romanian Red Cross Continues

      Our sustainable partnership with the Romanian Red Cross continued with a donation of 6 tables, 12 chairs and a foosball with the purpose of supporting the logistics of the Red Cross. As only volunteers help the NGO, the Romanian Red Cross was very happy to receive this donation made on June 4.

      Agents Awarded for Outstanding Performance

      Last week the president of TELUS International, Jeffrey Puritt, awarded the best agents at CallPoint with special diplomas for outstanding performance. Mr. Puritt visited both Sofia and Bucharest to personally congratulate the agents for the excellent results achieved by delivering exceptional service to our clients.

      New Relax Zones in the Offices of TELUS International Europe

      Do you know that we spend on average 1700 hours per year at the office? Our working days although very dynamic and spend among friends are quite mundane sometimes. We at TELUS International Europe are aware of that. Therefore, we decided to make our days at the office more exciting and fun by rebranding the relax areas in all the cities where we operate.

      Small Steps for Big Impact or Waste Office Week at TELUS International Europe

      The core component of CallPoint’s corporate culture are its CSR activities which bring employees together to support social and environmental causes. Our latest CSR activity is called Waste Office Week 2013 and it takes place from May 27 to June 1 in our offices in Bulgaria.

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