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Do you speak games?

Do you speak games?

Our games support team includes over 500 gamers from around the globe. We’re not just passionate about games; we respect the games culture and speak the games language. And the industry has taken notice. Our games clients are some of the largest in the world, including award-winning developers, publishers and studios.

We know how to play, but we also know how to take care of other players. Helping other players level-up in the game and drive amazing player support experiences is our mission, and it is rewarded. Players respect other players, especially ones that take the time to care. And studios respect us, even asking us to share player feedback directly with their developers. This means you can actually help shape and improve your favorite games!

  • Team member quote

    “Most of our games service reps are Gen Y – which means we focus on keeping them engaged with our unique, fun, democratic culture. We have to think and act like a games company – or our best talent would leave.”

    TELUS International operations team member

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    “We consider our client a partner. As a result, we’re always looking for ways to improve the game. We proactively share our analysis on CSAT, player feedback and client policies. Significant changes have been made as a result of our input.”

    TELUS International operations team member

Why join our games support practice?

  • Get paid to play your favorite games. How cool is that?
  • Work for some of the biggest names in the video and mobile games business
  • Maintain your games skills by practicing and playing during your shift
  • Provide feedback to developers to improve the games you love

If you are true gamer, you belong with us. Check out the open positions here!

Kristina Georgieva, Operations Manager, Bulgaria

“The company recognizes team members as one of its main assets and as the face of the business. Our team members are motivated to improve their skills through different training programs because only well trained and highly motivated team members can make the customers happy.

The company’s caring culture and the philosophy “We give where we live” makes TELUS International really different from its competitors. The commitment to invest in our people and to work together as a team to help the community fosters a sense of team spirit and makes for a great working atmosphere.”

Kristina Georgieva
Operations Manager

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Our parent, TELUS, is one of Canada’s top IT hosting providers, with over 20 years of experience managing infrastructure and IT services.

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Team member quote

"For me, working at TELUS International means helping people in my own language and in their own language – and it allows me to live abroad. It’s the total package!"

Customer support agent