What our people say

What our people say

At TELUS International, you’ll be working with some of the brightest minds in the BPO industry. You’ll find smart, cool, friendly, open-minded and supportive people that are passionate about our company and about helping you succeed as well.

Anca Caravan, Business Analyst, Romania

Anca Caravan
Business Analyst, Romania

Background: Anca started at TELUS International in 2007 as a Customer Support Agent and has since been promoted 5 times to Assistant Supervisor – Supervisor – Strategic Account Manager – Business Analyst.

“What differentiates our company is the team! We are a young, open-minded team – and we have fun together! We have many team building events, parties, TELUS Days of Giving and many other benefits. I also like the fact that everyone who gets involved, works hard, and shows great team spirit has the opportunity to get promoted.

With us, you can grow and develop as an individual and as an integral member of a team. Our company treats its team members with integrity and respect. Even though we work hard because we believe in what we do, we also manage to have fun every single day!”

Krasimir Kolev, Senior Transition & Transformation Manager, Bulgaria

Krasimir Kolev
Senior Transition & Transformation Manager, Bulgaria

Background: Krasimir started at TELUS International in 2005 as a Customer Support Agent. Since joining, he’s been promoted 5 times. His journey: Agent – Assistant Supervisor - Account Manager - Transition Manager - Senior Transition & Transformation Manager.

“TELUS International was a great opportunity for me, not only because I was able to work on a very interesting German project, but because I was also able to attend classes during the day and then go to work in the evenings and on Saturdays.

I really like the fact that our job is extremely dynamic. It’s a great opportunity to work with different companies which have individual business profiles and situations – you could work with a Travel and Leisure company from Belgium, a Telecom firm from Germany, or a Payment Service Provider from the UK.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives, like TELUS Days of Giving, make TELUS International a different company. If you get to know the people and the company’s values, you will know that this is the place for you!”

Kristina Georgieva, Operations Manager, Bulgaria

Kristina Georgieva
Operations Manager, Bulgaria

Background: Kristina started at TELUS International in 2007 as a Customer Support Agent. Over the years she has been promoted 6 times. Her journey: Agent – Assistant Supervisor – Supervisor – Team Leader – Operations Specialist – Junior Operations Manager – Operations Manager.

“The company recognizes team members as one of its main assets and as the face of the business. Our team members are motivated to improve their skills through different training programs because only well trained and highly motivated team members can make the customers happy.

The company’s caring culture and the philosophy “We give where we live” makes TELUS International really different from its competitors. The commitment to invest in our people and to work together as a team to help the community fosters a sense of team spirit and makes for a great working atmosphere.”

Andreea Istrate, Business Analyst, Romania

Andreea Istrate
Business Analyst, Romania

Background: Andreea started at TELUS International in 2009 as a Customer Support Agent and has been promoted 5 times from Customer Support Agent – Supervisor – Team Leader – Account Manager – Business Analyst.

“Working at TELUS means growth, flexibility, and spirited team work. The perfect balance between a friendly environment and development training makes everything work smoothly. The team is open-minded and willing to help new team members learn and integrate into the team easily, right from day one. TELUS encourages a healthy life by having Fruit Days, gym discounts and massages. Having the benefits of Bookster library, and learning and development training is another benefit. Working with your friends is a double advantage.

Even though we’re growing up, we should never stop having fun. Our new location is colorful and happy, right next to the AFI mall and very close to city center. Being a TELUS team member makes me feel valuable. You want to smile every day!”

Did you know?

Our parent, TELUS, is one of Canada’s top IT hosting providers, with over 20 years of experience managing infrastructure and IT services.

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If you’re looking for a great career and a place to shine, join the TELUS International family. We’re a different kind of BPO and it shows. See for yourself.

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"Our move to TELUS International was carefully looked after by the Transitions Team. We felt confident that all aspects of our Care Operations were taken into consideration. TELUS has been offering great service since we launched and will be instrumental as we grow our business."

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