• Interview with Anca Caravan

    poza-callpoint-31. When did you start working at TELUS International Europe and what was your first position / project?

    I started to work at TELUS International Europe in October 2007 as my first job. My initial position within the company was as an agent for a German Project. The project was a sales one and I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and to develop…

    2. What’s your career path within the company? (When, how and why did you get promoted?)

    I am very happy because in the past 8 years I have been promoted 5 times already . The first time when I was promoted was from agent to Assistant Supervisor, thanks to my results and my leadership skills. As an Assistant Supervisor with the new tasks I learned to be more responsible for my actions and most importantly, to lead a team. Above all, I understood that there is no “I” in team. Then I got promoted to Supervisor and Team Leader and in this way I learned to think “outside the box”.
    In 2012, I had the opportunity to be involved in the opening of our new headquarter in Craiova. Through this amazing experience, I took another step forward and I had the pleasure to work as a Strategic Account Manager.

    Now, with the opportunity to be a Business Analyst and the new responsibilities, I have the chance to improve my skills.

    3. What makes TELUS International Europe different from its competitors? What makes us unique compared to other contact center companies and BPO players in Bulgaria and Romania ?

    THE TEAM! We are a young team. And we are open and fun! We have been on many team buildings over these six years. What I also like is the fact that everyone who gets really involved, by working hard and showing great team spirit, has the opportunity to get promoted!

    4. For you, what does “customer first” mean? (As you know, this is one of TI’s main values.)

    We do not only deal with our Clients’ customers, but also with our Clients themselves. It is extremely important for us to satisfy our Customers, to respect our KPIs and to satisfy our Clients’ needs. My main objective, every day, is to make our Customers happy! In order to have happy Clients one should not forget it is very important to have happy agents. That’s why we all do our best to create a great working environment.

    5. What would you say to a candidate to convince him/her to join our team?

    It’s simple: we offer a lot of opportunities to learn. With us, you can grow and develop as an individual and as an integral member of a team. Our company treats its team members with integrity and respect. Even though we work hard because we believe in what we do, we also manage to have FUN every day!