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  • Hands-on: TELUS International Europe is seeking best talent in Bulgaria and Romania

    July 23, 2014

    People_AirplaneRmIn Bulgaria and Romania together, there are more than 50,000 people working in O&O (Outsourcing and Off-shoring) industry. The competition for top talents is intensifying in the region, especially in the big East European cities such as Sofia and Bucharest ranked by A.T. Kearney among the top South-east European hubs for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

    In July 2014, TELUS International Europe started guerrilla marketing campaigns in Sofia and Bucharest to advertise their job offers, being the first BPO provider to do so in the region. We have asked a few questions to Grégoire Vigroux, Marketing Director for Europe at TELUS International about the guerilla marketing campaigns.

    Why did you start guerrilla marketing campaigns?

    Competition for best talent in the BPO industry is fierce especially in the big East European cities such as Sofia and Bucharest where we are present. Moreover, with our plans for growth and expansion we needed to figure out a way to “stand out from the crowd” by attracting top talents in a way none of our competitors does.

    This year TELUS International Europe will invest 2.5 million Euro for the equipment of new work stations and plans to create 523 new jobs in Bulgaria by 2017. Also, by the end of this year TELUS International plans to double the headcounts in Romania to reach 800 employees by December 2014.

    Therefore, we have decided to advertise our jobs in a cool, unique and unconventional way so they can resonate with the young Gen Y people we are targeting and, of course, to differentiate us from our competitors and show the candidates that we are an employer of choice. In addition to that, guerrilla marketing is very much compatible with who we are, as a company. We are friendly, fun and innovative organization and every single guerrilla marketing campaign that we have ran so far is reflecting those values.

    Is guerrilla marketing worth the investment? How are you calculating ROI?

    We know how much it costs us to hire a new person. When a person is hired at TELUS International Europe, we know from where she/he initially heard about the job opportunity and we keep track of the new hires that heard about us from our guerilla marketing campaigns. This is how we calculate the ROI. As an employer, the main objective of our guerilla marketing campaigns is to master the art of getting the attention of the people to our great career opportunities. You can check our careers section here.

    What are some of the guerrilla marketing campaigns that you ran?

    We ran our latest campaign in Sofia. We tried to reach our target audience by being present in places where they spend a lot of time and where they are not usually exposed to employer advertising. So, to make our presence in the cafes and restaurants unconventional and not disturbing we had our brand design team to make attractive, funny and memorable table mats. The table mats design featured our brand elements. As you know critters and nature are the two symbols that epitomize the TELUS International brand. So, by featuring critters and nature elements we always make sure to be recognized. So far we have had great feedback on that campaign.

    In Bucharest recently we ran a chalk campaign. We made chalk marks on street pavements near universities and in downtown Bucharest again targeting young Gen Y-ers. The chalk marks were temporary but made memorable impression to the pedestrians! You can watch the video of the campaign in our YouTube channel.

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