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  • 5 Proven Strategies to Drive ROI for Sales Chat Part 2

    January 13 2014

    Part 2

    Sales ChatThe analysis in this article are based on benchmarking study conducted by TELUS International and SPOT Consulting to identify the ideal chat session and an associated set of best practices, with a focus on sales chat.

    Best Practice #3: Be Human!

    An online sales chat interaction should seem like a conversation. Agents need to know how, and be trained to construct a conversation flow within the chat environment. This includes sharing only one or two ideas per response and allowing for multiple back and forth exchanges. To maintain the human element online:

    Know how to construct a conversation flow where:

    – Only one or two ideas are communicated per response

    – During multiple back and forth exchanges:

    Use the right balance between free-form vs. canned responses – aim for 50%

    – Personalize by using customer’s name and other provided info 

    Best Practice #4: Optimize Customer-Facing Features

    Another key driver of the customer experience is the ability to optimize the customer-facing features of your chat platform. The goal is to leverage the sales chat platform to set customer expectations from the beginning of your customer exchange.

    Important customer-facing features:

    – Hours of operation

    – Entitlement process

    – Queue position

    – Wait times

    – Typing notification

    – Encryption of sensitive information

    – Ability to change font size

    – Post-chat transcripts available (usually via email)

    – Added features: co-browsing, page pushing 

    Best Practice #5: Right Metrics = Right Agent Behavior

    It is important to promote a balance between productivity and quality. Metrics like average handle time (AHT) or concurrent chat ratios need to be combined with quality metrics that the agent can control. This ensures that agents can be focused on delivering a positive customer experience without having to rush customers off the sales chat session to hit efficiency metrics.

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