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  • What’s RPA got to do with outsourcing?

    May 4, 2016

    RPAThis article is from the premier issue of Customers First magazine – sharing global insights on customer strategy and innovation.

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been making headlines in research publications lately with titles such as “The Robots are Coming” and “Greetings from Robotistan.” However, RPA is not quite as exotic as the titles suggest. These are not physical robots like you would see in manufacturing, but rather software that gets the work done.

    RPA is a highly innovative technology best suited for process driven areas of business such as finance, administration, logistics, order processing, fraud and IT. It has the ability to increase efficiency and speed for repetitive, high volume and rule-based tasks requiring no human judgment.

    The question is how will RPA affect the outsourcing sector? No, robots like C-3PO will not be physically deployed in contact centers. But a piece of software could automate repetitive tasks performed by agents, thus saving time and optimizing processes to function more efficiently.

    The technology possesses the capability to improve quality, decrease transaction turnaround time, and improve service levels and productivity. For instance, RPA technology could manipulate application software instead of agents during customer interactions. This would allow agents to focus on high-value, complex customer interactions, resulting in optimal customer satisfaction and improved operational profitability.

    Will RPA upset traditional models of outsourcing? The answer lies in how BPOs will leverage RPA capabilities in their processes and harness the advantages of software robotics. Still, the concept of RPA is either unknown or misunderstood by many buyers and outsourcers alike – likely due to the connotation associated with the term “robotic.” Looking positively to the future, RPA actually gives outsourcers a new way to innovate and could even help the industry grow.

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