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  • What does putting customers first mean to you?

    July 28, 2016

    TIE team memberWe recently asked some of our team members and partners, what does putting customers first mean to them, as part of one of the rubrics in the premier issue in our Customers First magazine. Here’s what they shared.

    “I think of customers not just as people calling us to buy a product, but as men and women with real problems, seeking solutions. That’s why I do my best to put myself in their shoes. Usually it’s not difficult, because we’ve all been in similar situations, hoping to receive not only the service that we pay for, but also understanding and sympathy. Nothing beats real human interaction.”

    Danail Pavlov, Customer Support Agent.
    TELUS International Europe, Bulgaria.

    “It means bringing added value to our partners’ business, by acting as their advocates and being constantly proactive in providing feedback and suggestions on how to drive excellence in customer service.”

    Adriana Alecu, Operations Manager.
    TELUS International Europe, Romania.

    “In my view, it’s about a few key things: 1) aligning our business culture to the ever-evolving needs of our customers; 2) making sure that our key business accomplishments showcase what we have achieved for our customers; and 3) that we – as leaders – remove the road blocks that affect our customers’ needs and/or strategies for success.”

    José Calderón, VP, Operations.
    TELUS International Central America, El Salvador.

    “It permeates everything we do. Customers experience it in our transparent sales process, in how we onboard and support them, and in the expert engineers we’ve hired. We call it ‘DizzionCare,’ and it means listening first and doing the right thing by our customers. It’s not just solving problems but using technology to help grow and improve our customers’ business.”

    Chris Horning, Sr. Client Relations Manager.
    Dizzion (virtual desktop and cloud solutions).

    “Our Customers 4Life program leads our culture to develop long-term relationships with customers. We focus on three main areas – Operational Improvements to make interactions easy, convenient and accurate; Communications that inform, engage and invest our customers and employees; and Education that articulates the “Customers 4Life” behaviors expected in each organizational role. By partnering with our customers for their long term success, we earn the right to do business with them!”

    Nancy Porte, VP, Global Customer Experience.
    Verint (speech and text analytics).

    “For me, it means striving to build healthy relationships with customers by identifying their needs and providing the best possible experience. Another thing is passion. If you love what you’re doing and if you always put the customer first, the customer will feel that – and you will have a successful relationship.”

    Annica Ronquist, Head of Global Customer Operations and Services.
    Teleopti (workforce management solution).

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