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  • Video: Why Eastern Europe is a Great Bet for Customer Service Outsourcing

    Posted by Jennifer Bach

    October 25 2013

    Note: This article was originally published on TELUS International blog.

    economy.bgLast month, TELUS International President Jeffrey Puritt sat down with Magazine to discuss the company’s expansion into Eastern Europe. Jeff also shared his thoughts on the future of outsourcing, and its impact on countries like Bulgaria and Romania (See “Romania Becoming Hub for Multilingual Contact Center Services”), two countries where TELUS International now operates through its TELUS International Europe – powered by TELUS offices.

    According to the interview, the outsourcing industry has evolved. Decisions to outsource and where to locate are no longer based on cost savings alone. Rather, companies are looking to partner with an outsourcer that shares their same values and can represent their brand effectively to customers.

    Finding the right outsourcing partner requires working with competent team members with the right education and skills. It also requires access to infrastructure, connectivity and a business environment that will support the company’s business goals.

    Eastern Europe offers all of this, including tremendous multilingual capabilities (see “Five Keys to Effective Multilingual Customer Support”), which will make the region extremely attractive to global organizations for years to come. Companies can take advantage of one location to serve many, many markets. The TELUS International Europe – powered by TELUS team alone covers 30 different languages.

    Hear more of what Jeff had to say about the origins and development of the outsourcing industry, including opportunities for growth and enhanced partnerships:

    Customer experience innovation

    The full article and additional videos (in English) are available at

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