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  • Top 5 posts for 2015 – customer care trends, six sigma, Romania vs Morocco and more

    January 14, 2016

    By Boriana Dimitrova


    Another great year for our blog and our company is ahead of us. Over 40 expert articles describing and analyzing the latest trends in the Business Process Outsourcing and customer care industry and hundreds of BPO professionals subscribing to our blog mark our achievement for 2015. As for our company we are happy to share that we are now over 2,500 team members across our offices in Bulgaria and Romania, while our global team has passed the 20,000 number.

    In 2016 we will continue to passionately follow the ultimate goal of our blog: to give insights, share best practices and experience on customer care in the business process outsourcing industry.

    Now we invite you to take a moment and remember 5 of our posts with most views throughout the year.

    #1 5 trends that will drive the contact center outsourcing industry in 2015

    We don’t have a crystal ball, but at the beginning of 2015 we tried to make an assumption about the top five trends in our industry for the year: Business Process Improvement as a driving factor in the evolvement of BPO and call center services, industry specialization as a command variable in the partner selection equation, multichannel customer care strategies for increasing customer satisfaction, high skilled talent pool as a priority for delivering exceptional customer service, and new near shore destinations in the BPO spotlight.

    Read the post here

    #2 Sneak peek: our Bucharest operations are moving to a brand new location

    Our Romanian operations achieved a remarkable growth of 69% in terms of employees in 2014. Therefore, in mid-2015 our Romanian colleagues moved to a brand new location – AFI Park, located next to one of the biggest malls in Eastern Europe. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so we invite you take a look at our new offices.

    Read the post here

    #3 Outsourcing in Romania or Morocco?

    North Africa is usually seen as the classic destination for near shore outsourcing especially for French companies. Many French contractors started to outsource to Morocco and other Maghreb countries for two main reasons: an abundant local labor and infrastructure welcoming new players for outsourcing. Only recently, however, French companies more and more turn to Romania, a European Union member state, with capital Bucharest, a flourishing outsourcing hub, in just less than 3 hour flight from Paris.

    Read the post here

    #4 What makes Romania a preferred outsourcing destination

    Thanks to Romania’s abundance of professionally very well prepared, multilingual and highly skilled labor pool, and cultural proximity to Western Europe the country has been climbing in the ranking among the most preferred outsourcing hubs for European and North American companies. Romania is named by investors an outsourcing valley for BPO, ITO, software development and research programs, knowledge process outsourcing operations, as well as for shared service centers. But why?

    Read the post here

    #5 How Six Sigma improves customer care operations

    If you are not familiar what BPI is and why companies implement it, in short, BPI aims to deliver improvements in business processes in terms of speed, quality, cost and flexibility while building the capability required for continuous improvement. By applying recognized process improvement methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, and Business Process Management, BPI analyzes existing client processes in order to identify opportunities for improvement in the quality or quantity of output.

    Read the post here

    Thank you for reading our blog! We invite you to drop us a line with any ideas for future posts at or just leave a comment below.

    BoryanaBoriana Dimitrova is Marketing Content Manager at TELUS International Europe




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