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  • TELUS Day of Giving is coming up in Europe

    Helping_Hands_with_TDOGAugust 20, 2014

    By Desislava Rangelova

    As summer approaches its end we at TELUS International Europe associate this time of the year with the opportunity to bring social change by giving back to our communities. Our TELUS Day of Giving in Europe is coming up in support of our “we give where we live” philosophy. Our desire to give back to the communities in which we live, work and serve forms the foundation of our caring culture at TELUS International.

    In each city, our team members come together to give their hearts, minds and hands to the service of others, volunteering the full day in their community. And although is a 1 one-day event, the spirit of giving is infectious and lives on throughout the year in the many volunteer activities our teams participate in.

    What we’ll do this year?

    Soon we’ll hold our TELUS Days of Giving in Europe, on August 30th in Sofia, Bulgaria and September 27th in Bucharest, Romania. In Sofia, we will come back to the Louis Braille School for visually impaired children where we held our last TELUS Day of Giving in Bulgaria. A year ago we managed to repaint the school fence, renovate the grass fields and gardens and freshen up the classrooms. This year we have set the goal of renovating all bedrooms, staircases, gardens and playground.

    In Bucharest, this year’s beneficiary would be the Pinocchio Center for homeless children. There we’ll renovate the children’s rooms, the gardens and the playground. More than 300 team members in Romania will join forces on that day.

    What’s the meaning of TELUS Day of Giving to our team members?

    Recently, we did a bunch of interviews with team members from various departments in our company to find out what’s the meaning of TELUS Day of Giving to them. The majority of the answers we got were united around describing TELUS Day of Giving as the most noble cause they have ever participated in and the fulfillment they got after that day as incomparable to anything else. One of our team members shares: “It was simply a unique feeling knowing that you have been part of something bigger than yourself and have actually contributed to a good cause.”

    Here’s how they describe the meaning of TELUS Day of Giving: “My participation in the TELUS Day of Giving gave new meaning to the words such as: noble cause, teamwork, team spirit and collaboration. I realized that by helping the children from the Loius Braille School, we had the chance to understand what true happiness is.” and “After taking part in the TELUS Day of Giving last year, I realized that helping people this way gives much greater personal involvement than donating money. The difference is that one can see the results of his efforts instantly.”

    The strong sense of purpose that TELUS Day of Giving gives us is visible in the high team engagement on that day – the majority of the workforce from C-level to frontline team members is equally involved.

    A culture of giving

    This year, more than 20,000 TELUS team members around the world will donate their time and energy to worthy causes in their local communities on the TELUS Day of Giving. Our commitment to giving back is one of the key reasons so many of us are proud to be part of the TELUS International family.

    TELUS International prides itself on having a unique corporate culture based on spirited teamwork, agile thinking and a caring culture that puts customers first. Activities like the TELUS Day of Giving connect us to each other, our communities, and really drive our culture forward.

    Check out the video teaser for this years’ TELUS Day of Giving.

    See you on August 30th in Sofia, Bulgaria and September 27th in Bucharest, Romania.


    Desislava Rangelova, Brand and CSR Manager, TELUS International Europe

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